Laguna Beach recommendations

We are spending a weekend in Laguna. Any comments or additions to my list below are appreciated! So far I have:

Friday lunch: The Deck
Friday din: Three Seventy Common
Sat lunch: Urth Caffe
Sat din: Mare Culinary Lounge
Sunday late breakfast: need a place

Love Splashes at the Surf and Sand Resort in Laguna…
Oceanfront and great place for breakfast/brunch/lunch or dinner.
Check out their specials for fondue night or fish tacos and bucket of beers or Marg’s…

I love Nick’s if you can fit it in for a breakfast or lunch.

To die veggie burger and generally very solid food and service.

Here is a deal from Travelzoo…
Can use it for breakfast/lunch or dinner…seems like a great deal but have not dined here.
C’est la Vie in Laguna

Has anyone been to the place that took over the old Beach House location? The food wasn’t that great but the view was killer and it was a funky old house, and how bad could you mess up breakfast anyway.

That would be Driftwood Kitchen. Nothing wrong with it, but when I have visitors I prefer The Beachcomber.

Thanks for the rec, we have never been. Coming up from the south, we usually don’t want to hassle going thru downtown to get up to Crystal Cove. But if it is for breakfast, the traffic shouldn’t be too bad.

It was ok. We went for brunch. The servers seemed confused as to why they were there. My salmon bagel wasn’t that tasty. My friends who had eggs said “just ok”.

As both 370 Common and Mare Culinary Lounge have since closed, new recommendations are needed.

Don’t go to C’est La Vie. We went a few weeks ago, and food was pedestrian (at best) and service was lacking.