Lalime's recently?

Anybody been to Lalime’s since Anthony Paone took over as chef in March?

Frequently (as in once to twice a month). We typically sit at the bar, and have been really enjoying the food. The array of small plates have been interesting (and mostly very good to great), so much so, that I’ll often get a couple of heartier small plates instead of a salad / large plate. We’ve brought a couple of couples (who had never previously been to Lalime’s) to join us for dinner since Anthony has been there, and they’ve loved their meals. And when I’m not sure what to order, the burger with the bacon jam is very good.

My parents enjoyed their anniversary dinner there in September. Only specifically mentioned the oysters.

We (4) had a great dinner there last night.
Lamb Heart - the two that shared the plate loved them.
Beef Tongue Cheesesteak - the same two shared that, and thought it was fantastic
I had a lovely crudo, and #4 had a whole radish salad, which she loved.

Mains -
I had the pork chop - a delicious prep.
Another had fish, which she loved.
The other two shared the Squab for 2 dish, and that poor bird did not die in vain. Down to the last few bones, it was demolished.

Last night, the kitchen put out food about as good as you can get in these parts.

We had a great meal there last weekend. Standouts were a roasted duck neck, juicy and fatty with crisp skin, and the fried chicken with biscuit, pickles, and hot sauce. Three of us shared so many dishes my memory of the meal is a blur.

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That tongue “cheesesteak” was also great.

Last night I had a “lighter” dinner for 1, starting with a mustard greens/mushroom/garlic dish (hot), followed by a chicken skin banh mi. No dessert. Delicious.

fried squash blossoms

house-made prosciutto and melon

tomatoes & burrata

lamb belly

We were recently there twice - first time I had that tomato and burrata, which was great. Last night, we shared a mushroom and lobster toast, and a scallop crudo (both delicious). I then had the pork shoulder “pastrami” flatbread. Yum.

It’s like a new restaurant: bright, bold flavors, vibrant produce, thoughtful combinations, precise cooking. Everything was so appetizing I kept forgetting to take pictures until after I’d had a few bites. Wine list is also much improved.

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Had father’s day brunch at Lalime’s. The food was a good. I had the chicken hash with two poached eggs, and I’m trying to compare it to the salmon hash with poached eggs I had today at Cafe Eugene. It just came together better; the eggs and potatoes were perfectly cooked and the whole dish was a little more flavorful. However, the food (at Lalime’s) was very slow to come out and the service seemed uncertain. (Compared to Eugene). Maybe it was a fluke, though the restaurant was barely half full. Lalime’s is certainly the prettier of the two.

Service was smooth Friday night.

Brunch is a new-ish thing. For decades, the only brunch was a big Mother’s Day thing. This year, it was about then the Sunday brunch became a regular thing.

Then maybe they weren’t used to it yet. After we got our drinks and a huge plate of padron peppers (both very good), the waiter avoided making eye contact with us and didn’t take the rest of our order for ages. They’ve probably worked it out by now. It was still very pleasant and quiet enough for conversation.

Celebrated a friend’s birthday last week.

deviled duck eggs

fried pig ears and charred cauliflower hummus

brandade toast (ate most of it before I remembered to take the photo) with … fried sage leaves?

fried panisse sticks with lemon? aioli

lamb’s tongue

grilled ribeye

fried tripe

pork chop

best persimmon pudding ever with caramel sauce, whipped sour cream, and pecans; quince galette

This might be the best restaurant in town right now.

You might be right. It has become an every two or three weeks place for us. I particularly like the array of smaller (yet not insubstantial) plates, so if I’m not in the mood for a big meal, I’ll get two smaller plates. The made-in-house ice cream, in an ever changing array of flavors - some of them have been outstanding. Last week, I had the simple plate of pasta with oil and anchovies (after the green cabbage and blue cheese salad) and was totally satiated.

Also, the price point for the menu is extremely fair, especially when compared with similar dining options in the region.

I’ve yet to go for brunch.

Last night, there was a house-smoked pastrami sandwich. We both ordered it, after sharing the cauliflower hummus and a kale and chanterelle dish. A great dinner.

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Saturday night, I was by myself, not particularly hungry for a large meal, so I reserved a bar seat and started with a Green Cabbage and Blue Cheese Salad (apple, bacon, pickled onion, basil) -this has been on the menu for a while, and I enjoy it, followed by Spaghetti Squash (walnut-anchovy sauce, pecorino, parsley) - this was a quite hearty filling plate. Given the “healthy” dinner, I found room for the Blondie sundae. I walked home happy.

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Not coming back. Restaurant will be for lease by the new owner soon.