Lamb Rogan Josh

A friend is coming into town. LOVES Lamb Rogan Josh. where to go?

I usually catch Josh Groban at the Hollywood Bowl.

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does this dish not exist? I’m not getting the jokes.

You’re going to need to allow more time and pray someone really persian shows up.

Roghan Josh is an Indian dish.

Lulu, I don’t know that I’ve ever seen it on any Indian restaurant menus around here. It’s a regional/specialty dish. Most restaurants in LA cater to either South Indian foods, or North Indian Muglai/Punjabi foods.

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Roghan Josh is an Indian dish.

This lamb curry originally came to Kashmir from Iran, or Persia as it was then known. When Persia was very hot, a clan of people known as the Mughals travelled to Kashmir because it was a lot cooler than their homeland as a result of its high altitude. They brought with them Rogan Josh, which has been a curry staple ever since.

I’ve only eaten at Jaipur although I don’t do lamb so can’t comment on the dish in question.

I recall Chargha House in Culver City having a lot of beef and lamb dishes that are based in different curries and sauces. I looked up their menu and they do have what you are looking for. I also yelped “Rogan Josh” and the first 20 places listed are all Indian eateries.

You probably need to know what type of this dish you are truly looking for. I’m no Indian cuisine expert but the wiki the @CharlesDarwin posted refers to the various iterations of this dish. For instance, I’d think a version infused with dairy would be very different from a version without.

It may have originally been brought to Kashmir by the Mughals, but it’s known as a Kashmiri dish. If you go back to the wikipedia link you posted, it mentions that in the body as well as the boxed notes to the right.

Lulu, I would just call the indian restaurants you are considering and see if they offer it, or would be willing to make it. It’s a bit labor intensive so it might be something only certain restaurants have, or only make for catering jobs or something.

Thank you all for the replies. I hate indian food so I wasn’t going to call any of the places. lol

P.S. I hate it because everytime I eat it I get a massive migraine, even from the no msg places.

What does MSG have to do with your migraines? That’s voodoo science that was disproved long ago

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this is one of the funniest things i’ve read in a while.

Blame it on the Democrats.


I’ve seen it at Bhanu in Rosemead.

Jaipur Cuisine of India has a very nice Lamb Rogan Josh, and it is actually on their lunch buffet every single day. This is the only indian lunch buffet I have ever seen that has a lamb dish (rogan josh) every day on the all-you-can-eat lunch buffet. I believe you can even do take-out of the buffet, they will give you a styrofoam container to fill up and take to-go!

Jaipur Cuisine of India
10916 W Pico Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Phone : (310) 470-4994


Tried this place today.

And, wow, am I really glad Jaipur is within walking distance of Atticus. Still dreaming of that potato chip chocolate ice cream.

LOLOL. :smile: