Lan Noodle in WeHo

Not sure this is deserving of its own thread, but…

Was I the only one who didn’t know (until now) that Lan Noodle has an outpost in… WEST HOLLYWOOD (!!!).




@CiaoBob, @chrishei and I enjoyed our visit there during its first week of operations.

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How does “Yes.” meet the 10 character requirement??? :wink:

Do you think it tastes as good as the Arcadia branch (which I just went to today)?

it’s soooo good! we’ve covered a good amount on Eater but we should’ve shouted louder bc there’s really no other Chinese restaurant this good this far west in LA.


My braised beef noodle was a 6/10 at weho loc where it was 10/10 at arcadia loc. That says a lot but it’s still better than most Asian options in weho so it’s a win :raised_hands:


It’s a bit toned down from SGV, but I agree with the others that it’s good for West of La Brea.


I think my experiences in Arcadia weren’t as high as yours, I’d give the dishes there 8 out of 10, and 7.5 or so in WeHo, which is very good IMO. The staff and cooking is darn near the same, just different vibes and certainly different prices, but again, opposite sides of town. I’m more often in WeHo so I’m thankful for them being there.

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Hi Matt :wave:
Yeah I love it that they opened in weho. I get it sometimes after pickleball at plummer park :slight_smile:

I didn’t love the Arcadia location, but it definitely beats any comparable restaurants in LA. Unfortunately for me, WeHo seems just as hard to get to as Arcadia.