Lardo Biellese Salumeria

I have heard that lardo is an exotic ingredient. When I saw Lardo Biellese Salumeria for sale at Eataly, I bought some.

, . As can be seen in the photo, with a piece of wax paper on top, the lardo is an inch and a half of pinkish, skinless, cured pork fat with an 1/8 - 1/4 inch of bacon looking material attached. It was shaved so thin that frying it like bacon will likely melts all the fat away. I rolled up a slice and put it in my mouth and chew it raw but it has barely any taste. What is the proper way to eat lardo?

I also purchased some prosciutto di Modena

, which I also ate the same way and that was tasty.

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You can grill some nice Italian bread sliced . Pull it off the grill hot and top with a couple of thin slices of lardo . And a little salt . Enjoy with a Tuscan wine . Or a chilled rose’ .

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That’s why I like Russian one more. It’s salty and porky and good enough with bread. Yes you just eat it, don’t cook pricy lardo.


If it doesn’t taste great thinly sliced on warm toast, it’s not good lardo.