Laroolou - Chinatown

They good, they deserve their own thread.

Just tried their toffee scotch doodle thiccie and damn it was good. it’s like two desserts in one, a crispy and chewy snickerdoodle with bits of crunchy toffee and hints of scotch and gooey, fudge-y cookie dough in the middle. get this.

also tried the SOB (Sonofabiscoff) recently, I didn’t know I needed cookie butter in my life but apparently I need cookie butter in my life.

SOB - creamy cookie butter filling in a gingersnap crust topped with toasted brown sugar meringue

these pies were delicious, they were both just sweet enough and had enough going on that I kept going in for more. really liked the crumb crust too that had just the right consistency.

they now have a lil kiosk in the middle of the far east plaza in front of scoops.

coconut cream

but wait there’s s’more…

peanut butter s’mores


Agreed! So happy we nabbed her for our noodle cooking event last March and got to try so many of her pies a week after she won best pie at KCRW.


These desserts look great but sonofabiscoff they aren’t open on 12/27 when I’m picking up Hayato bento boxes.


Wait, is this the same baker who did the pies for the Chinese Laundry event? If so, now even more interested…

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Thanks for the post. Stopped by and picked up a Cookies n Creamie Thiccie while I waited for my PRD order. It’s a monster, so I’m gonna wait to eat it til later tonight. Bonus points: the guy at the kiosk was really nice.


Yes they do. :drooling_face:


Coquito Cream Pie: Coconut custard, cinnamon, nutmeg, rum, topped with fresh whipped cream, on a graham cracker crust… Outstanding!

p.s. They’re offering holidays catering as well. DM their Insta for deets.


You had me at coconut custard but then you had to continue with rum & whipped cream too! Omg. :drooling_face:

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Yes!!! She’s the one!

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So glad these thiccies are getting notice! They’re absolute monsters in the best way.

yeah, we worked through the Cookies n Cream thiccie over the last two nights. I couldn’t eat more than a 1/4th in a sitting and I love sweets. These thiccies are absolute monsters and deserve a top spot on the Stoned, Drunk, & Hungry dessert power rankings.


laroolou x mandalorian = be happy
thanks for enabling me @NYCtoLA. the ice cream was fantastic, I’m a convert.

chestnut pecan praline

peppermint cookies & cream

salted cookies & cream
@TheCookie meet @TheThiccie

this thing was massive, like half a softball huge.

thicciee for scale.



That is literally the same exact desert I had thanks to @attran99. The chestnut pecan praline ice cream is the best ice cream I’ve had in a very long time. I could have taken down the whole pint. My daughter would have taken down the whole Laroolou thiccie if I didn’t stop her.

Whoa the ending of Mandolarian tonight.


Is the ice cream from Be Happy?

yep :heart::heart_eyes::heart:

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You got it!

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amboy selling sonofabiscoff and they’re open sunday 12/27 @js76wisco


Thanks @PorkyBelly. I actually saw that on the menu this morning. Doing some research on what else I can pick up on Sunday near Hayato. At the top of my list right now are Holy Basil, Superfine, Ototo, PRD and Amboy. The biggest problem is I’ll have both kids with me. Will have to bribe them with boba and iPad.


the gra pow neuh, fried rice, and drunken noodles at holy basil reheat nicely.

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I pre-ordered a Chiefs mini-pie and a salted cookies and cream cookie for the Super Bowl. Very excited to try this place for the first time :slight_smile:

I have no team allegiance and know barely anything about football. I just liked the way the Chiefs pie sounded: “Vanilla custard layered with salty butterscotch sauce topped with dark chocolate ganache, toasted pecans and brown sugar whipped cream.”