Las Vegas recommendations

Going to Las Vegas, planning to visit Aburyia Raku and Momofuko.
Have one dinner open. Don’t feel like spending $$$$ at Roubichon and such.
I would appreciate some quality recommendations.

lotus of siam
bardot brasserie


Thank you
just tried Lotus of Siam - all booked up for the time we are there :frowning:

As for Bardot, Michael Mina’s place does not seem inspiring. None of his
places do for me.

Flock and Fowl - poached hainan chicken rice
Bardot - French fries, foie gras parfait
Sage - iberico secreto
Secret Pizza at Cosmo - pizza
Carbone - Caesar salad and meatballs at bar


Jaleo and China Poblano are favorites of ours…I adore the salt air margaritas.
Bouchon is always reliable, too.

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Bazaar Meat by José Andrés at SLS
Oyster Bar at Palace Station 24/7 counter with their pan roasted lobster, shrimp. .sublime
Lakeside at the Wynn

Also, Michael, aka UHockey is one of the best food bloggers for Vegas and beyond…


Obviously too late for the poster, but wanted to add for future inquiries…

Lotus of Siam (LOS) has been a little spotty of late. We mostly order the “letters” not the numbers. The former somm opened Chada Thai and the food is much more focused and higher quality IMHO. And the wine list is killer.

Chada Thai
3400 S Jones Blvd.


Heading back to Vegas.
Plans for Aburiya Raku and Chada.
Need one more dinner.
Is Twist by Pierre Gagnaire worthwhile?

Meatballs, caesar salad, and pasta at carbone.

Never been but my best friend says Kabuto is as good as any sushi he has had in the states.

Edomae Sushi at Kabuto is very very tempting. Maybe I cancel Raku, after all, we have one in LA and go there often. We also have quite a few amazing sushi places in LA, but not so many fine dining restaurants.

Another question would Kabuto vs Yui? Gen Mizoguchi who put Kabuto on the map, has now opened Yui.

My friend hasn’t been to Yui yet. I’m going to Vegas in 2 weeks and am working on a Kabuto, Sweets Raku, Raku bang bang bang in that order.


My suggestion is skip Momofuku.

Add Carbone and Yui.

Carbone - caesar, meatballs, lobster fra diavola, lemon cheesecake, bread basket

Yui is where Gen is at now.

If you don’t mind venturing off the strip I had a good meal at Piero’s. It’s been on my list for a while. Typical old school red sauce type Italian but on the higher end of the spectrum. Not quite like Rao’s in NYC but that same vein. The prices was extraordinarily high considering they are not in a casino.

We enjoyed the penne vodka, veal scallopine and parm.

We seemed like the only non regulars and out of towners in the whole joint.

We ended up at Costa Di Mare (at Wynn - good), Chada (very good, a pleasant small restaurant, I do recall Lotus of Siam being tastier), and Yui (excellent, top notch).
Chef Gen is a real deal. Great omakase dinner, nearly perfect execution. The only complaint I would have that pacing on Nigiri was faster than I would like.
Yui was definitely at the level of the best LA sushi places. Highly recommend Yui,


Do you remember how much it was roughly per person for the omakase at Yui?

Looking at my bill:
We had Gen’s selection omakase. $160 per person, $25/bottle corkage, and additional for Saba ($8 x 2), repeat Toro ($9 x 2), and something labeled “Baby Sea Bass” ($8 x2). I really do not recall the last one, as I think it may have been Nodoguro. Total with tax before tip ended up being $ 474 for two people (with 2 bottles of wine I brought and one beer I had there).
I thought it was reasonable.
If you do go, please make sure to slow Gen down when he does his nigiri course.

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