Lasagna, pie, tacos and enchiladas. . .for breakfast!

Made a homemade lasagna for dinner last night and finishing up a big ol’ slice of lasagna for breakfast…
It really is better the next day and I’m not your traditional breakfast kind of gal…
What things do you like to eat for breakfast, instead of eggs?

Pie is second on the list!


We take the kids out for pho all the time; it’s one of their favorite breakfasts. My go-to is bun thit nuong.

Cheeseburgers used to be a regular breakfast option, and I still indulge once in awhile.

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Fried rice is always great or a carne asada burrito.


A piece of good bread , salted meats , and cheese , with some jam on the side .


@Plumeria, pizza cold or warmed up, depending on the hangover :wink:


I rarely get hangovers but when I do, its from not eating enough, the night before.
That’s when a double double with grilled onions and extra spread at In and Out, with a xlarge ice tea and a nap, that rides the ship back on course!

Craving me some crunchy avocado tacos…with some extra sharp cheese and habanero sauce…

Breakfast of champions for this gorgeous Friday morning!


Especially a good bowl of chicken tortilla soup or chicken barley.

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Love love love me a bowl of soup, anytime of the day or night.

I get the six pack of Quinoa from Costco that I zap in the micro for about 90 seconds and will have that with a little pat of butter and sea salt and fresh ground pepper for breakfast…

Just make sure you check your teeth, which I’m a freak about, since I smile a lot and paranoid if I had a big ol’ piece of Quinoa between my ‘Bling Guard’…:grin:

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personally, I think any savory food is good for b’fast (I’m not a sweets person–so no cake, pie, etc)—left over thai is always good, quesadillas (especially w/ carne asada), meatloaf (cold or heated or a meatloaf sandwich), and thanksgiving leftovers are the best for breakfast!!!

Unfortunately my days of eating chili cheeseburgers that early are over (I tried a Tommy’s burger for b’fast a couple of years ago and it was not a good idea) and my carne asada burrito fix needs to happen for lunch now as well (it’s a bitch getting older :confused:.)

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