Last Minute to Puerto Vallarta

Heading out late next week to PV for 7 days of fun and sun…
Haven’t been there in quite awhile.
Nothing fancy and love eating at outside beach restaurants…
Totally happy drinking Pacifico’s all day, shrimp tacos and guac all day too…
Loved to hear your fave’s!!


It’s been a little bit, but I used to go down there with some frequency. I’m sure that some of my faves are still around.

The Marisma east of Olas Altas near Carranza for fish tacos
Pancho’s Takos for pastor
Taco stand next to Farmacia Guadalajara for asada quesadillas
As touristy as it may be, Cafe de Olla for their seafood platter for two. It’s really good and kind of a steal.
El Mole de Jovita and/or Dianita for a nice home-cooked and relaxed lunch
I am a total omnivore, but I used to enjoy a nice lunch at Planeta Vegertariano as a break from the meat.

I’m not a big fan of the Palapa/ Daiquiri Dick’s sort of joints. Not that they are bad, but the “low key” food in town is far superior in my experience. Enjoy - I’m sort of envious as I am typing this out!

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Solid dj!

Many thanks!

Hitting up Marisma daily!

Got a Mex breakfast place near old town?

I’m so not a breakfast kind of person! A cup of coffee and some pastry and I am usually set. Having said that, I have bought many a sweet and savory pastry at Yarita on Basilio Badillo. On the same street are Freddy’s Tucan and the pancake house that I can’t name exactly. Both of those are rather popular.

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Just got back from an awesome time in PV/Ixtapa!!

Damn, the food is so simple and good.
Dinner was at the Blue Shrimp in the Zona Romantica and had jumbo shrimp in extra fresh garlic and butter…fab!
The Taste of Italy in front of the beachfront Blue Shrimp was a local tourist fave…cheap and good
Had shrimp tacos, beans, Mex papaya, quesadillas with avocados with cold Pacifico’s everyday for breakfast…
Pool bar at the Sheraton Buganvilia resort on the RCI side was lovely with great nachos and guac and chips with 2 for 1 happy hour drinks…

Went to Murphy’s on the Malecon for St. Paddy’s Day…great band but the black and tans were flat…yuck!
Still with the sunset on the Pacific was sublime…

Hit up the Casino to get out of the rain after :four_leaf_clover: and won and they have $2 Pacifico’s too!!
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church was so lovely to catch a service and then hit up a taqueria for some tacos and beers.
Wanted to go to for dinner at the highly touted Cafe des Artistes but 8 days wasn’t enough time…
We walked almost everyday to the Malecon for breakfast at the oceanfront restaurant for a spicy bloody and Mex breaky…

Really lovely and taxi’d to the Zona Romantica and it was so cheap…
The huge resort pool with waterfalls and pool bar with my new pool bar boyfriend, Eduardo was a must everyday for about 4 hours…yes, I am a :fish: when it comes to water!

Did the Extreme Zip Lining in the jungles of Ixtapa/PV and had one of the best Jamaica Aqua Frescas ever with a shot of Herradura Tequila after the extreme balls to the wall jumping off 20+ story building and zipping at 60+mph…:tongue:

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Everyone raved about Memo’s pancake house but just didn’t get there…
Freddy’s too.
I always equate pancakes with skiing…
In Mex, I’m a Mex papaya, avocado, beans, tortillas, spicy bloody mary kind of Chica…

What did you think of Cafe des Artistes?

Didn’t have enough time…
People we meet at the pool went and loved it!

Anyone have any more recs for PV? Going in a few months

bump, any recs for Puerto Vallarta?

Don’t go any time soon?

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