Late August Visit

So many places are closed in late August (clown bar, gar au gorilla, l’inconnou) but still a lot to work with.
So far I reserved

Ze Kitchen Galerie
Chez L’amis Jean

Still considering
Neige D’ete (summer break ends during our stay)
Le Regalade/Chez Georges/ Another classic bistro?
Restaurant David Toutain

Any thoughts?

Looks like you’ve got a great start.

I really really wanted to go to La Bourse et la Vie, which is supposed to be a great classic bistro. Not sure if they’re open in late August, though.

It seems may be a bit out of the way, but I also read great things about Elmer. Looks like they open back up on 8/23, so may work for your timing.

Even though late August is generally a problem in Paris I have been really lucky this year- few places are closed that I really want to go to and many, as you say, re-open, the week of 8/23.
Getting reservations has been so much easier than my last visit, 15 years ago.
Not sure how much of that is that most places now take internet ressies and a low volume of August tourists vs. the recent atrocities - hoping the former.

I am hoping museums and sites won’t be as crowded as well.

As of 5/30/16 tourism has plunged in Paris: