Late-night dining?

Looks like a long night of work. What’s open 10 pm or later in the area? Chinese would be great, but just about anything is fine. We’re on hotel circle but can drive anywhere.
TIA, cv

I would imagine that what you’re looking for is something that’s not too far, and with fairly fast service, vs. a long, leisurely sit-down dinner. There are places on Convoy that come to mind (I’d have to check closing hours), but if you like Thai food, a good bet would be J&T Thai, which is significantly closer.

Take the Morena exit north off Fwy 8 west, and bear to the right. At the fork, get onto Linda Vista Rd. Almost immediately (at Napa) you’ll see a small strip mall on the right side of the street. You’ll have to look, but J&T Thai is in there. Open until midnight. It looks small, but there’s a second room in the back.

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Starlite is fab for late night dining. I-5 and Sassafras.
Bully’s East before 10pm…off I-8 & Texas
OB Noodle House
Jimmy Wongs
Lions Share
JV’s Taco Shop
Izakaya Masa in Fakeys crib, Mission Hills

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Starlite has a very limited late night menu after 10pm during the week

When I look for good late night food after a concert I always end up at Lion’s Share in SD (in addition it also has some of the best cocktails in SD)

Soda and Swine

Lion’s Share

Carnitas Snack Shack

And most McDonald’s are open 24 hours, especially noteworthy on Friday’s when Filet O Fish sandwiches are only $1.49. No limit.


Filet O Fish is disgusting - and not because it is from McD or a fastfood chain but the texture and flavor are so off that it is really hard to imagine it is fish. I really hate any burgers from McD but would always eat one before any FOF

Ok, if you say so.

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Question for CeleryVictor: Are you talking about tonight, 3/8? Let us know where you ended up.

Schnitzel boy. .
If you were born in USA vs :flag_de: you would probably love the FoF, like me and my beloved, Ipse.

Hey Fast Food Girl - you are aware that there are many McD in Germany and that the stuff tastes the same everywhere

'Hey Fast Food Girl ’ …I am SO the antithesis of a ‘Fast Food Girl’ but I do enjoy a Filet-O-Fish, every now and then and a once a year Double Double with grilled onions, no tomt’s, extra spread and extra cheese…Oh hell yes!

I’ve been to a few McD’s around the world and they all don’t taste the same, Schnitzy!:metal:

The same item from McD tastes the same everywhere - that’s the whole business model of McD

I was born here.
That is all.

That’s not really true. A really good example was what I experienced the first time I was in Paris. We were walking down the Champs-Élysées and spotted a McDonalds. This was around 1972, I think. We just had to try it! The construction of the burger was the same, but it ended there. The bun was different (better) the cheese was different (better) the meat was different (strange), and the toppings (onion, pickle, mustard, ketchup, etc) were really different – in ways that are hard to remember. The overall effect was something resembling an American McDonalds burger, but at the same time very much different.

Since then I’ve had McDonalds in a number of countries, and the impression is still the same. Similar construction, but using local ingredients; very different.

I read an article very recently (maybe I can find it) about a guy who goes all over the world seeking out menu items at the local McDs. It was really interesting and amazing that someone would almost devote their life to such a thing as that!

I see your Barbara Booth Q&A and raise you a world-tour blog of international McDonald’s.

Aha! Well, that’s not the one I saw, but I think it’s probably the same person.

Nobody denies that there are menu items which are specific for each countries but if you are ordering the exact same menu item, e.g. Big Mac, the sauce etc. will be the same all over the world.

Not in my experience.