Late-night fish tacos or other bites (after 10 pm)?

Hi all - newbie to FTC, asking here because there is much more San Diego activity than on hungryonion :wink:
My friends are arriving this Friday around 9:30pm and I thought it should still be possible to get some good fish tacos after landing. Found one post by ipsedixit of a late-night option, City Tacos (link at end).

just wondering if anyone had other spots to recommend.
would be happy to also get recommendations for other good late-night bites other than fish tacos. I haven’t been to San Diego since I was a kid (we’re coming from the SF Bay Area). thanks!

Pomegranate and Kafe Sobaka are open until 11 on Fridays and Saturdays.

hey thanks Robert. I had read that thread and was thinking about hitting one of those Georgian places, but would have had no idea they were open that late!

After 10 pm?

City Tacos really is your best bet for fish tacos (and other tacos).

Starlite is open until 1 am, and after 10 pm they have a limited food menu.

Everything at Pomegranate is very good; their borscht is outstanding.

I think about that Georgian food all the time. I really wish someone would open one here.

Oscars in pacific beach I think is open til 11 and taco bar in San Marcos is open til 11, both have good fish tacos but not sure if better than city tacos. Lots of taco shops are open late, could try tacos el Gordo for meat tacos.

El Zarape can be open till 3 AM on busy busy nights but typically till at least 1 on Fri\Sat

If after 1 a.m., I’d go to La Fachada if City Tacos isn’t your thing, and it’s a weekday.

Is it the best fish tacos in town? No, and maybe not even in the best in Logan Heights. But after midnight, esp. an hour after midnight, these tacos are mighty fine.