Late night restaurants in Oakland and San Francisco

I will be at a concert in a few weeks Saturday night in Oakland which most likely will be done around 11pm and so I look for a place either in Oakland or San Francisco for a late night dinner around midnight. I was hoping to find some non-fast food places - a place with cocktails would be an additional bonus (something along the lines of the late night menu at Red Medicines or The Pikey in LA would be great). Normally I end up at Lost & Found but would like to explore new options

East Bay Spice Company in Berkeley is open until 2 (both kitchen and bar). In Oakland there’s Dan Sung Sa and Blind Tiger. Similar Korean places in SF are open until 2 plus some izakayas and Chinese.

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Good call on the East Bay Spice Company - perfect Indian food for a midnight dinner (Bhaji and Lamb Tikka Masala) and very good cocktails