Later dinner in Covina and SGV?

I’ll be in Covina tonight, attending an event that’s supposed to start at 7:00.
Is there anyplace that’s good and cheap, that will be serving late tonight? I’ll be with someone who avoids meat, but I bet he can order sides…


Depends where you are in West Covina.

Near downtown (if there’s such a thing in West Covina), I would suggest Ajumma. Nothing spectacular, but it is open late and it’s budget-friendly.

Towards closer to the eastern edge of West Covina, and the western edge of Covina, look at Misky Misky, which makes a very good tamale (for your meat-a-phobic friend) and a good chaufa de pollo for us regular folk. Only open til 10 p.m., dunno if that’s late enough for you …

Thank you! We went to the Brunswick Bowl, took some photos, and got to Misky Misky around 9:15. We had tried a Cuban place that was listed online as closing at 9:30 or 10:00 on different search engines; however, when we pulled up at 9:00 the door was locked and the remaining patrons just stared at us. Ah well.

Misky Misky was still packed when we got there, and after waiting a bit we sat at the bar. I got a tamal (part of the appetizers) and my friend got chicken with rice. Both of us really liked the food, and sitting at the bar let us talk to all the servers. Last night, they were to a person, sincere, kind, and upbeat.

For dessert we drove to Donut Man and got a Bavarian creme each with some decaf. There was too much chocolate glaze on the donut, causing a structural issue, as well as big mess. However, the donut was delicious. I’ve been going there for years, and it’s busier than ever.

Thanks for the report!

I have enjoyed some meals at Misky Misky. Also, sort of in the neighborhood is Moros in La Habra which makes a really nice seafood paella. Call ahead because wait times can be unbearable and they do take advance notice.