Latest topic?

Only going back 14 hours . What’s the best way to catch up on latest posts if away from website for more than 14 hours ? I assume it works when you click on after days . Just wondering .

There’s a line across the list of topics dividing the ones with new-to-you posts from the rest.

I see that , currently there is the bell vie / 5hrs -( red line ) and the breakfast burrito / 7 hrs timeline. Does not go past 10 hrs. at the bottom .

At the very bottom of the page, towards the lower right hand corner, there should be a box that says “more”.

Click on that and it autoscrolls, essentially forever it appears.

Tried that . Only goes as far as DoTM topic Cold @ 9 hrs. Not forever . That’s it . I’ll try to rid of cookies and restart . Weird

That worked . Back to normal .

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