Lazy moderator

The two or three people who have been subject to my rare interventions as moderator may see it as heavy-handed censorship, but I’m just lazy. The rules are so few and simple that no work should be required on my part. If somebody is pissing off other users, I’ll just keep clicking buttons until the noise stops.

If people want a more active moderator, I’m happy to turn the site over to whoever. I started the site because I saw a need, but if people won’t behave I can’t be bothered to play high-school vice principal.

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You have a few people working with you on that, don’t you? No need to turn it over; just become an “executive moderator”. [grin]

I’ve unsuspended @Mr_JJ and apologize for my mistake. He did not directly insult anyone, I just misread a somewhat confusing exchange of rude remarks of which his were not the worst.

@ipsedixit will be solely responsible for moderating the LA board from now on.


So what’s the position on calling things “overrated” or similar? Only on the LA board? Apologies if this was already addressed but I can’t seem to find the earlier discussion of the moderation issues.

Read the FAQ. The only real rule is, don’t be a dick. The rest of the FAQ is guidelines for anyone who’s unclear on the concept.