Le Coucou (Manhattan)

Le Coucou was one of the most anticipated restaurant openings last year. Once word-of-mouth spread about how terrific it was, it was near impossible to secure a prime time reservation. That difficulty was exacerbated as raves from professional critics rolled out and continues even now. If you are flexible and are willing to dine early or late, a reservation can be gotten more easily. Also, they recently began serving lunch, and reserving for that appears to be less difficult. Same for brunch, which they’ve been offering for some time.

We’ve been fortunate to have had dinner there six times in '16 (early, late, and prime). In every respect, they’ve all been stellar experiences. We’ll be having lunch there for the first at the end of this month. That menu includes many of the dinner dishes and a few specific to lunch.

Recently, I wrote this blog post about Le Coucou centering on the dinner we had during my birthday weekend in October.

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WOW! Just wow!!! The food, the photos and your write up on your blog are fantastic. And I’m really happy to see the two course, prix fixe lunch for $48. We’re older and that amount of food and at lunch suits us so well. I always paid attention to your posts on CH but hadn’t been looking at NYC all that much.

Thanks for the report, couldn’t secure last minute reservations when I was in NYC last week.

Did you try for lunch or just dinner?

Only tried for dinner, we were just there for the day.

Thanks, @catholiver, for the compliments! Keep in mind that if the two of you decide you would like to have a bit of dessert, you can order one and share. Mr. RBI and I did that at one of our dinners with the chocolate mousse which is substantial – and, of course, seriously delicious.

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Mousse au Chocolat

When you go, I hope you’ll report back.

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We did a house exchange in Brooklyn (Greenpoint) in November. Too short a time and seriously prefer the ease of being in Manhattan. Hope we get back soon. Thanks again.

I’ll be going in a couple of weeks, and already have my heart set on the Tout le lapin.

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Also consider the oysters in seaweed butter. It’s hard to imagine how such a thing could not be good, and indeed, it is good.