Le Garet for dinner

This was one of our livelier experiences at a bouchon. We got seated upstairs, next to a large party of all men. As the evening progressed, we got to talking. They were some kind of dining club, men only, who meet once a month. My french isn’t the greatest, so I wasn’t able to get if they go to other restaurants or only Le Garet. But they were a fun, joking bunch and clearly regulars.

We started with the salad. I am profoundly in love with the lentils they serve all through Lyon.

gras double - Pickled tripe in light mayo. Delicious!

I got the tete de veau. This version had tongue with it, which wasn’t cooked (tender) as well as the rest. It was okay, though, since I can make tongue at home and the head was delicious and they serve more than enough food!

Husband got the chicken special.

Baba au rhum for dessert!!


Looks great. What’s are the two things after the tripe? Charcuterie?

Yes, the first was this sausage that I later got mixed up with brains at another bouchon. It’s called cervelas. Delicious. The other was museau, the snout, I think. Very good, also!