Le Petit Bistro - La Jolla

Went to this place because I had to kill some time nearby and the very Frenchy wine list was appealing.

Nice balcony terrace. I ordered a glass of wine and they brought out an amuse, some sort of tomato cream with a few little vegetable bits, very good.

Terrine of foie gras was classic and excellent. They even have Monbazaillac by the glass. The toast was totally crisp. Really just perfect if you’re into that sort of thing. Let’s pretend that compote de mangue was not there.

Partially consumed charcuterie board. All good, pâté was as classic as the terrine.

Oeufs brouilles a la truffe: glorious. As good as I’ve had in France. Technically perfect.

I was surprised to find that this is a chain. I assumed some deranged French chef opened the place and had no plan to pander to American tastes.



This looks to be in that cool little courtyard with the coffee shop and some outdoor seating. We saw it a while back while being built out and were wondering what it was going to be. A little off-Broadway, but sounds really good. Thanks for the pics.

It’s next to Catania, on the top / third floor of the La Plaza building.

So…are you outa’ here, Robert?

Headed home Friday.

Well, it was fun while you were here. Thanks. Take care.

Oeufs brouilles a la truffe look amazing…
Glad you had a blast in our little slice of heaven in San Diego!