Le Petit Cochon - Berkeley

We decided to eat dinner there tonight while walking up Shattuck. Well worth the stop.

An whole Mary’s roast chicken $12. Add frites - $2.50.
A delicious “Grand cochon” piggie goodness sandwich. $11. Add frites - $2.50

A bottle of a southern French rosé - $20

Nice folks working the counter. And we have a half-chicken left to cook up with eggs, etc. for breakfast.

I’ll have to try that, thanks.

In other chicken news (I don’t remember whether I’ve mentioned it here yet), the Epicurious Garden food hall has a new rotisserie chicken place. I stopped by to check the menu–a whole Rosie’s chicken is $24.75. Thanks, but…

Whoa, what? Thanks for doing the recon, that saves me a trip!

I’ll try LPC. Although I am still fond of the Poulet roast chicken.


It is a larger, and organic, chicken, and comes w/potatoes and sauces. And back to the other thread about costs, they probably can’t afford to sell it for much if any less than this. If and when I’ll eat one, who knows.