Le Petit Schlossberg - Colmar (France)

After a long day of hiking in the Vosges and without reservation we had to find a restaurant for a quick dinner and picked Le Petit Schlossberg https://www.le-petit-schlossberg.com/ in Colmar which turned out to be quite good with typical Alsace food like foie gras and tartes flambees

Foie gras de canard maison, onion jam, toast

Salade Paysanne, salade, lardons, croutons, egg

Tarte flambee aux 4 fromages, fromage blanc, lardons, onions, emmenthal, munster, chevre, roquefort

Tarte flambee forestiere, fromage blanc, lardons, onions, mushrooms

Tart de jour - mirabelle plum

Profiteroles au chocolat


Sounds like a great finish to your wandertag!

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