Le Vallauris . . .Palm Springs

Heading out this weekend to Palm Springs…Coachella for the kids and fine dining for parents and Auntie & Uncle…

If you have not dined at Le Vallauris on the patio, it is a must.
Food is exquisite and reasonable.
Lunch, brunch or dinner and their 3 course meal is a bargain!

Good to know! After taking a look, I actually just contacted them about potentially having a wedding dinner/reception there. I’m getting hitched in Palm Springs later this year, and we’ve been debating between catering at the house we’re renting or booking out a restaurant. I’d prefer the later just because of the set-up and coordination involved, but oof, booking out a restaurant is spendyyy.

I’ve seen several weddings on the patio and they rent out the patio, and the patrons have to eat inside…
It’s such a lovely restaurant.

Had a fantastic 3 course meal for $39 of Asparagus Vichy soup, Sautéed Whitefish on a bed of veggies in a lemon beurre blanc and a soufflé with a vanilla crème…outstanding!
Friends loved their Filet Mignon with a cognac pepper corn sauce and fries and butter lettuce with walnuts and bleu cheese.

Service is top notch and what a wonderful day to spend while the craziness of Coachella is going on!

Made it to Le Vallauris a couple weekends back and had a great dinner there.

The patio is gorgeous. So peaceful and full of light and foliage. The interior looked nice as we walked through, as well, but it is a bit of a bummer that it was completely empty inside. The patio is the place to beee, I s’pose.

I didn’t grab any pictures, unfortunately, but everything was tasty! We both got the prix fixe, and there was A LOT of food. I don’t know how it happened, but I haven’t felt that full in a long time. The white tuxedo’d staff had to band together and roll us out of there.

Overall, I think this is a nice Palm Springs spot for a fancier/special dinner. Some of the food seemed to lack a bit of the finesse that makes great French food great, but everything was still enjoyable. Next time I might try the lunch - I imagine it’d be a good place to sit out for a while during the day.

Thanks for the recommendation!


Glad you enjoyed LV…
Did you have the souffle for dessert?
Love the patio!

Noooo. I half forgot and half recall that it wasn’t one of the prix fixe options. But I definitely saw it go by, just out of reach. It looked lovely. Next time, fur sure.

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Every time we’ve gone for lunch or dinner, the souffle has been on the Prix fixe menu but last I was there was for Coachella, NOT oldchella, which the music of the later, is my genre and drum especial…

Where can I get for $39 for a 3 course meal in PS, at a famous lovely Tom Shepard designed circa 1920’s home with choices of lobster bisque, Ahi or Artic Char and souffle for dessert…yeah baby, rock it on!!

2023 Update: We’ve been going to Le Vallauris for 13 or 14 years now, whenever we are in Palm Springs which is about twice a year, and it has been always a superb restaurant. The patio Ficus trees are characters in themselves. Service always great, food stellar, and the crowd is always on display. It survived the makeover a couple of years ago superbly and is still a delight. Are only regret is that there fewer dressed to the nines dowagers present nowadays (but time marches on).

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