Legacy hall - plano, tx

If you find yourself in Plano, Texas, you might squint your eyes just right and find an oasis. Or it might just be a mirage. The Legacy West business district is a little bit of both. It feels like a town that ascended from beneath the dry, dirt-crusted field beneath it. As if it simply appeared over-night.

Walking down the stretch of shops and restaurants is not dissimilar to shuffling through the Caesar’s Palace promenade in Las Vegas or the stretch of Beverly Hills with the Sprinkles cup cake vending machine. There’s a Tommy Bahama store and restaurant. Expensive cars inch by, en route to the nearest valet, making sure to rev their engines as the pass the Tesla boutique. They say there are apartments there, as well.

At the end of the lone drag, disguised as a parking garage is the Legacy Hall - a three-story behemoth full of food stalls, bars, televisions, picnic tables, a stage, people, people and people.

Below is what I had over the course of several extended meals at the food hall. In two days. Pictures are in chronological order ish. There was a point in my journey where I told myself I would eat at every stall, but, then I didn’t. Sue me! Also, this was a while back, so my memory is a tad foggy London town. Sue me x 2!

Note: most items hovered around $7 ish.

One was pibil and one was al pastor. Ok but wouldn’t wait in line again.

This is Chef John Tesar’s burger extension of his Dallas steakhouse. You’re not a real chef if you don’t have a “backyard burger,” right? The patty was very peppery, which I was fine with. Cooked pretty raw, which I was also fine with. Simple, but it’s no ERB, for example.

This is tucked away at the very top floor next to a bar with very solid beers. This order of Dan Dan Noodles was the result of said beers and morbid curiosity. Somehow not much flavor, but not gross. How’s that for an endorsement? I didn’t finish the bowl.


The bao is their “Dim Sum 2.0” - pork belly / slaw / peanuts. It was… ok. The owner/operators very nice. I don’t really remember much about the wings, to be honest. I remember them advertising that everything is fried in duck fat.

A regular ole hot dog sandwich. They were out of pretzel buns. A pretzel bun would have been nice.

NOT PICTURED: RED STIX - Chicken Skewer. Ok! Too charred, though.

Looking back at the vendor list, I can’t believe I didn’t try any desserts… Well, unless you count the several frozen French 75s that were sipped while watching the ruckus country music cover band + World Cup games that were going on at the time.

The tone of this report may make it seem like I’m down on the whole thing, and in some ways I am, but you know what? I had a blast. There were people of every color, shape, age and hairstyle. Everyone was having a grand time. Eating and drinking and getting their steps in. It’s hard to hate that too much. Sure, I wish the food was better, but for what it is, it’s not a bad way to spend a couple of extended meals if you find yourself in Plano, Texas.

7800 Windrose Avenue
Plano, TX 75024


What no barbecue joints in Plano. President, you got the wrong thing . Seems like you had a good time though.

Fair point. I thought about that, but this place was within walking distance of where I was staying for my short trip, and I didn’t feel like taking long uber rides around the expanse of Texas. I did have some great BBQ in Dallas not too long ago. Next trip, I’ll do you proud.

Is Frito-Lay still headquartered in Plano? Or many others by now?

I’ve been here twice this year. I really like the venue and concept but the food has all been so meh. Wish they would have procured some better food vendors but it is what it is. Seems like most of these food hall type of places are always disappointing ime.

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