Leopardo - Hancock Park

New pizza and wood grilled restaurant from josh skenes.

Review forthcoming @Clayfu?



Does the grain for the flour come from his farm? /s


I can’t wait!

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heard there is caviar


thank you! excited for this place. I’ve taken a look at the preliminary menus and they are pretty interesting, especially the cocktails. I hope the price point doesn’t go well past $100 pp, or even $75 before drinks. Could be a great weekday spot given its central location.


Angler 1.0 lowkey had a ton of great value dishes, IMO. If you didn’t get out of control with the seafood you could eat very well for not too much, especially given the ingredient quality and labor intensive prep. I remember spending less than a dinner a Lukshon earlier in the week and having an even better meal (and Lukshon was not bad at all). RIP


I think what’s interesting is that he hopes for this to be a fairly approachable/casual restaurant. This location couldn’t be more different than the Beverly Center. I could even see it being open for brunch!

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Copying from the Angler topic:

V excited for this. radicchio salad is back!

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The radicchio salad was good but our favorite dish there (okay, at least mine) was the “simple salad.” Just perfect balance. I haven’t had as good a salad since Angler 1.0 closed.

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Oh, I never made it out to Angler, so I’m glad I get a chance to try this salad! :slight_smile:

Something I still think about is the night Angler 1.0 had squab on the menu and I added some to the simple salad


Hacking a salad with squab sounds like a very FTC thing to do. There should be some sort of badge for that!


I’m not opposed!

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looking forward to trying the machete


The chicory salad at Etra is rockin good.

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100% agree. I started an Etra thread and no one was having it!

I just booked it. A restaurant that has grilled turnips is likely to be good.

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