Let me tell you something about this Vietnamese spot in SF Valley

SONG PHAT in Winnetka

There are few places that are destination worthy in that valley for us and this is one of them. We’ve been making up excuses to go up to see family on the weekends just so that we can go and pig out there. byob if you’re chill… Sure there are places that we’ve all known and loved for pho and banh mi in the valley but this one is quite different… total family operation, wonderful people and great food.

They do the standards fairly well (bun, pho, rolls) but they have dishes that we don’t generally find so we’ve just been working through that menu slowly but everything is wonderful. There are things not pictured that are quite popular like fried duck (sorry had to jack from yelp pics, only this one though)

but this is how we usually roll

Sausage Rolls that even kids can’t put down

a total revelation for me since i’ve tried it is banh beo… rice crepes

rare cooked shrimp salad, really refreshing and tasty thing this

thick crap, shrimp, pork soup with chewy tapioca noodle

favorite entre has to be this heavily crusted, whole fried trout with a very rich butter garlic sauce

the bun bo hue (need to ask about blood cake next time)

always have to finish with the 3 color if there’s any space left at all

just try and resist


Duck looks good!

Have you tried Pho Bac on Reseda? I’m quite fond of their Pho
8454 Reseda Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 91324

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Some new places for me to try next time I have a long lunch break. Thanks for the report!

nope… that’s right next to the folks so i’ll try it… usually hit up So 1 if i want pho or the spot on reseda/sherman way if i want pho ga

just 1 place. Song Phat.

I was also referring to the place mentioned by @Sgee. :wink:

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was that real crap or krap with a k?


oh no. . lol

KTLA gets me. This place has been kind of mobbed since they were featured on this segment. We actually had to wait for a table yesterday, which is unheard of.

tried the Wonton egg noodle soup which was lovely. Won a Ton

They’re trying to whiten up certain things because of the big influx of white people, they took chilis out of the rice crepe dressing for example, naturally i still asked for them and encouraged them to stop doing that nonsense.

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oh also something else popped up on my radar there while eating… a family had a spicy goat soup with turnips in a hot pot. im going to need me summadat!

Thanks for the tip.
Tried - and loved - Song Phat today.
Banh Beo, Duck Noodle Soup and Fried Quail - all were outstanding. What a place.


awesome… go and do try the other stuff as well… that fish is a must for example. I gotta get those little birds. though we grill a lot of quail as is.

oh i hope they gave you the really spicy stuff for bun beo… they started to tone it down with all the white people coming lately.

It was not spicy.
Will be back to try some seafood and other noodle soups, for sure.

damn… yea the sweet sauce is supposed to have chilis in it… ask for it next time… it’s a must.

The really sweet 20-something guy who was waiting on us knew we were 1st timers. When we ordered it he told us many people “unfamiliar” with the dish (meaning white folks) don’t care for it, so I assume he was trying to make it more palatable. He knows us now.

That’s the owner. Tell him you want what they served prior to them becoming famous on the news. (and my thread)

Did this place recently close? Was doing some recon on yelp and it has it marked as closed, but there are recent reviews, too. Any intel?

Last time I was there a year ago - new ownership, massive downhill.