Let’s Go Kebab Meets Auntie Qiu

Let’s Go Kebab in Arcadia is a Chinese skewer restaurant that opens at 5pm. So why not operate a different restaurant in the same space that opens between 8:30am and 4pm? A hearty welcome to Auntie Qiu’s Kitchen, a newly opened Shanghai Style Restaurant! I don’t think you can call this a popup. More like the restaurant equivalent of a timeshare.


I actually think that using someone else’s kitchen is one of the defining features of a pop-up!

Around the nascency of the pop-up era, circa 2007-ish, I attended LudoBites 1.0, simply because I was smitten with the cooking of the young French chef from Bastide. Little did I know then that this was the start of an empire. And it was held at breakfast slinger BreadBar on 3rd Street. I asked Ludo and Krissy then: Why BreadBar? Their answer was (in a nutshell): Well, why not?! They weren’t using the kitchen at night, anyways!