Let's Talk About Eggnog (Again)

Eater had a link to this eggnog-appreciating article.

Which reminded me of how much I like eggnog, but how difficult it is to find a good eggnog.

Are any bars around town that make a good version? Any good store-bought versions you’ve discovered?

@Bookwich what do you think about Broguiere’s egg nog? This time of the year, it’s available in a lot of grocery stores in their traditional glass bottles. I’ve had it before and I really enjoy it…after I add more liquor to it, of course.

I do like it, it’s not too sweet, and with a little brandy it’s not nearly as viscous as most brands. If drinking it non-alcoholic, I always add some milk to thin it.

ERB is currently serving an absolutely exquisite eggnog.

Store-bought = Brogiuere’s only.

If Bestia brings back it’s Bone marrow eggnog, that is worth getting for sure as well.

I believe Westbound is serving a version that looks great, but haven’t tried it yet.

And, of course, Lucques makes a classic version that is also stunningly good.

Brougieres only for me with a shot of rum. Keep all the bottles in my Huell Howser collection.

I go through half a night during Christmas. I might have a problem :scream:.

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If you have the time and inclination here is a link to J. Kenji Lopez-Alt’s recipe which I have had delightful results with, Classic Eggnog Recipe

I had it last year for the first time. I loved it.

I’ve also made it myself and enjoyed that, but for the effort, I’ll take Brouguiere’s.


Eggnog (again)? The answer is simple:

Brougiere’s (again).


Okay, I suppose we did come to agreement with that one. :slight_smile: But you never know whether a new star has appeared to take the throne.

Recommendations for restaurant and bars can easily change from year to year.

Agree about the constant need to revisit. But in this case, the reigning champ and not (yet) been dethroned.

The thread should be more about the best new versions being done at bars/restaurants probably haha

I agree- I made it for years as well. Might try egg nog french toast this weekend.

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Ray’s and Stark Bar @ LACMA, pairs surprisingly well with their lemon chiffon cake thing.

Last night I had the eggnog shake at Cassell’s in Ktown and it was most excellent in every way save for the lack of booze. It’s a seasonal flavor for them.