Let's talk about having your fave food and drink shipped to you from anywhere in the world

Need some more ideas where to get online food/booze gifts for the holidays…
I like using Costco, Harry & David, Dean & DeLuca but I’m sure my friends and family would appreciate something different.

For those you really like, and say things like “it’s been too long since we’ve gotten together” and actually mean it, maybe Petrossian?

For your friends and family members that can not (cough, cough) eat gluten or things with, or made from things with, a face, then Isabella might work.

Thanks Ipse!
Both are great choices but the Petrossian might be more for me…LOVE Iranian caviar but don’t splurge like that very often.
Isabella in Santa Barbara has some great choices that are more for my budget.
Have you had macarons from Paulette in BH or now known as Lette…pistachio?
Merci mon cher

lots of coffee roasters have subscription services (in addition to one time shipping). I have a blue bottle subscription (they bought out tonx which was my original coffee subscription.) a different bag of beans arrives every two weeks—love love love it and don’t have to make a special trip to a local roaster which I was doing previously.

also, a great LA treat to send as a gift is Littlejohn’s Toffee. In addition to their stall @ Farmers Market, you can order online. Amazing stuff. My company gives it to some of our vendors for the holidays and everybody raves:

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I’ve tried the 'lette location in Pasadena.

Thanks LAgirlie. .
I LOVE toffee and this is perfect…

They ship online…
Did you enjoy them darling?

Honestly, I don’t really recall.

I mean, they’re macarons. How bad can they be?

My favorite macarons in SoCal might be at Euro Pane, because they’re huge, like cookie-sized. And you know me, my theme in life is “go big, or go home”

But they don’t deliver. Sorry, I suck.


EPIC Yum, Ipse!

You are officially off the ‘I suck’ list.

Honolulu Cookie Company from Hawaii

Bed, Bath and Beyond…ordered drums of Harry & David Moose Munch for $20 but use their $5 off coupons per tin and free shipping! Woo hoo …makes it $15 and regular $30+ at H&D!

Pike Place Chowder. . .Mother of God out of this world salmon chowder, New England style chowder, Seafood Bisque…ships in 2 days

Lou Malnati’s . . .Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

My good friends epicurean and booze website…lots of great stuff…love the crushed worm salt from the mescal bottle.
Herbes mustard & absinthe mustard from Provence are excellent too…love the jam from Germany.


Second on Littlejohn’s toffee – IMO, best there is. On the other hand, I had Lou Malnati’s deepdish recently in Chicago, and I just don’t get it, I guess. Mediocre to me.

Hudson Valley Foie Gras


I’ve never ordered from here but they have a great selection of stuff.
Russ N Daughters
Roberta’s Pizza
Central Grocery
Jim’s Cheese Steaks
Lou Malatni’s
Mile End Deli
Pat LaFrieda meats
Langer’s Deli
Louis Mueller BBQ
Wise Sons