Let's talk about ice

I love ice and I like a particular small nugget style like ‘Luv the Nug’ is fantastic or similar is the ice at Sonic Drive-In. .
I don’t eat there but sometimes, those cherry limeade drinks are good with that dang crunch but not too crunch little nugs of goodness.

When in Europe, they all think I’m whacked for liking ice…like its some new found invention or something.

Are you an ice freak, don’t give rats ass about your ice or hate the stuff because it hurts your teeth?

Curious minds want to know!

I’m a big fan of spherical ice. Gold ball sized. Especially in a well-made Old Fashioned.

I hate the stuff . It doesn’t hurt my teeth . I just don’t like super cold iced whatever .

I like how you roll Ipse…‘Gold ball sized’!

Interesting Emglow. . .I’m the total opposite.

I like super cold things to drink and I can’t drink something hot, when I’m eating something warm or hot in temp.
I’ve never got the dinner with coffee thing either…
Maybe when I get a little older…:yum:

I’m only 22 . Ha Ha . I wish

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Agree on the splendor of Sonic ice. I haven’t had it in years, but whenever I think of good ice, I still think of them. I want to say that Pie & Burger in Pasadena also has this kind of ice? That may be off.

At home, I have the standard cube mold and crush them for cocktails. I also have molds for spheres but rarely use them. As we get closer to summer, I’m going to try my hand at some coffee ice cubes. Growing up, I always envied those kids who had ice makers built into their refrigerators. Now, my dream is to have a giant block in the freezer and use a lil ice breaker to take chunks off.

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I read somewhere but don’t know how true it is that if you go to a Sonic and ask to buy a bag of their ice, they will sell it to you…
I gotta go and see if that rumor is true!

Just go to Coffee Bean, they have the same type of “nugget” ice that Sonic does.

And they will give it to you. Gratis.

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Knew you were a always a Baller…

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The one, the only Ipse Baller. .

There’s a restaurant in Saint Helena, CA, Goose and Gander http://www.goosegander.com/ that has a wonderful bar in the basement. If it’s a cocktail that they don’t want to dilute, they have these huge cubes, probably 2" square. They start with a industrial size block of ice which they first cut down with a chain saw! Then carve into cubes. Love it.

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