Lets talk about Peru..Cusco and other mystical finds

So into this Peru stuff and talk to me about Nazca and the other mystical haunts of food and drink in cities, around the country that will be a blast to travel our way through, eating and drinking in Peru…
I’d like to spend about 2 weeks…
Talk to me baby…

.I would like to go there for the ceviche .

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In Cusco try the Mercado San Pedro. All locals. Brush up on your Spanish. The food stalls are in the back.

Chicken soup

Beef tendon with eggs and chayote

For local cuisine Pachapapa was very good:

Chicharones. Awesome

Front and center: Cuy (just to say you did)
Upper right: Beef seco (excellent and highly recommended)
Upper left: pork stew in beer (okay)

Make sure you go to the Sacred Valley and Ollantaytambo.


Lima. Awesome food here. The ceviche is indeed some of the best you’ll have. I find Peruvian cooking to be the most complex and evolved of the South America. countries.

La Mar Cebicheria

Ceviche tasting was very good. Make sure you get the traditional one with leche de tigre


Arroz Norteno. Awesome. Full of seafood and bits that tasted like abalone…but was in fact fresh sea cucumber. Highly recommended .

Chupe Camarones. Shrimp soup. Outstanding.




Not trying to be a Gaston Acurio fanboy but this was also very good. Especially if you want some local meat dishes. His interpretation of Peruvian criollo classics.

Veal kidney with salsa verde. So sweet. Highly recommended. Morcilla and sausage in the background. Morcilla is also outstanding.

Antichuchos. Beef heart. Beef pot pie.

Best suckling pig and suckling goat you’ll have anywhere. The meat on the suckling goat is actually sweet.


Ceviche and that fine looking Shrimp soup look like my kind of thing. .
As well as hiking up to Machu Picchu.
Thanks Porthos!

Did you make to Central in Lima? Just talked to a woman who interviewed the chef, he sounds like quite the character!

No. I had planned a return trip but had to cancel last minute. Their ascent up Pellegrino’s Top 50 probably makes it a very tough res now.

Hey Porthos.
Peru is on later this year and looking over your food pics…outstanding!
Road trip from Lima to Cusco…JW for 5 days and then back to Lima, via road trip…with some off road thrown in for good measure.
Did you get to the coastline?


What/where is “JW”? You’re not going to Machu Picchu?

Off-topic but your comment about driving from Lima to Cuzco piqued my curiosity. You may want to do some reading as it sounds like most people highly recommend against it. Just an fyi.

JW Marriott El Convento Cusco

I’m using points but for a 5* hotel, price is pretty cheap and it is a gorgeous place to stay for 5 days while going to Machu Picchu and other sites.

Hotels in Cusco, Peru | JW Marriott El Convento Cusco

Looking at one way to Cusco via Jeep or Rover and stopping in Nazca but probably will fly and do a small prop plane so we can see the Nazca lines and other mystical places.
I hear the hardest thing to adjust to in Peru, is the altitude.

You have been cath?

Yes. We went over 15 years ago. Flew from LIma to Cuszo (it’s a long drive with as I understand it, not great drivers) and return. And from there to Machu Picchu. Are you going there? I can’t imagine missing it. One of the most magical places we’ve ever seen. We thoroughly enjoy Cuszo although it sounds like it’s change A LOT. I don’t remember any ‘fancy’ hotel Don’t forget to eat cuy/guinea pig :slight_smile:

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Mama ain’t eating no stinking Cuy!
I’ll probably try and save all of those cutie pies from the oven, while I’m there! :hamster:
I’ll go all Peta on them with the Bob Barker Green Peace Ship waiting off the coastline to kick ass and save animals!

Oh, yeah, that’s going to be make you real popular :slight_smile: I knew about cuy and ordered it one evening. The server, who spoke no English, was concerned that I didn’t know what I was ordering. So he checked with someone in the back and returned and questioned “guinea pig”? And I reassured him. “It tasted like chicken.” LOL Kinda dried out but nothing offputting. But we eat what the locals eat, including a little rat in Thailand!

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Sorry, I missed this.

The worst was just kinda a bad taste in my mouth the first day. We’d walk around for a bit, lie down, walk around some more. By the next day it was gone. Bob didn’t react at all. But we have tough constitutions :slight_smile: