Let's talk about Seafood around SD!

Love Love Love me my seafood…

My fave places are:
Oscars Mex Seafood
Catalina Offshore
Mariscos Cortez
Water Grill
Oyster Bar @ Fish Market

What are some of your faves?

Lately my go-to taco trucks have been Kiko’s seafood trucks located on Friar’s Road & via Las Cumbers as well as the truck on Texas Street when you come up the hill from the 8 freeway.

I like the garlic shrimp and garlic octopus tacos, but my favorite is the aguachiles. They make a damn fine batch.

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Village Kitchen
Supernatural Sandwiches

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Damn Dolphin short shorts!
Kiko’s Seafood Truck looks like the bomb…
Is it parked in the Del Mesa Liquor store lot?
That is a great liquor store BTW…

I could also hit up Bully’s East and then Kiko’s East…as long as DD isn’t hogging the bar stools at Bully’s…:cocktail:

How could I EVER forget our forged :revolving_hearts: for the beloved Filet O’ Fish. . .

Wow, this subject covers a lot of ground. I’ll second Water Grill (which I went to for the first time very recently), and add Eddie V’s, Top of the Market (which has re-opened after the fire), Blue Water, and Tidal. For sushi, Tadokoro.

I’m excited to go to Fishbone when it opens next month in the new Liberty Public Market. I know that the seafood will be high quality like that from Catalina OP, but I’m not sure about the pricing yet.

They will apparently have a raw bar featuring oysters, sashimis, various Ceviches and Pokes.Definitely excited about that!

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Fishbone sounds good, thanks

Fishbone sounds totally like this chicas kind of place!

What type of aquachiles to they usually have?
How is the grilled :octopus: tacos?

The grilled octopus is really good, I have had it a few times. Not as good as Bracero though.

I have only had shrimp aguachiles there (with cucumber etc). Not sure if there is another kind they offer.

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I greatly enjoy the red aguachile (made with tiny chiltepin chiles) from TJ Oyster Bar.

TJ Oyster Bar gets lots of love…
Everything looks so good…
Need to get down there…what’s good?

I like the Agua Chile, smoked tuna tacos (the finely diced smoked tuna looks like chorizo), Skate or stingray machaca tacos. And for a dollar, the fish tacos are hard to beat at that price.

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Anyone been to Mariscos Negro Durazo in Lemon Grove?

The Lancome gal at Macy’s told me this was her fave place besides TJ oyster bar…


Yes, I have been. Seafood and marisocs are solid. They excel with the fish dishes, I thought some of their shrimp dishes were a little less successful.

It’s in a strip mall at the end of College Blvd across the 94 from College Grove. It is decidedly downscale and I’m not sure I’d be willing to go at night without a posse.

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Thank you both for the heads up on Negro Durazo. Never even heard of the place, but thanks to you it’s now on my radar. The other place that I have been wanting to hit up is the new Mariscos El Pulpo in the Gas Lamp. Anyone been? A colleague says that their baby octopus dish and pulpo ajillo tacos are the shiznit. Don’t k now if I completely trust her judgement, but I am now very curious about the place as I am completely obsessed with pulpo that’s prepared well (surprisingly hard to do).

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Thanks DD!
Probably hit up during lunch time and good to know that the shrimp a’int all that vs. the fish. .

Did you write a trip report for Spain?
Loved to hear about girlie…

I become obsessed with grilled :octopus: too…
I’ve gotta try Galaxy…sounds like my kind of place.

I enjoy Negro Durazo. Solid…but warning, i’ve been on a couple of Friday and Saturday nights and and band was playing in the main dining room. Fun but very loud!

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