Let's talk about the Skenes Ranch. 1000 a person before tip and tax

500 for food. 500 minimum for mandatory drink pairings. Makes Noma Mexico seem cheap! But he’s cooking leopard shark and legit bear claw, so I’m guessing for the uber-wealthy this will be worth it.

Cannot wait to hear what the SF tech bros think about this spot.

Totally lost me at $500 non-alcoholic pairing. Actually lost me at the headline, but that takes the cake.

I would get the wine pairing even if I wasn’t drinking, then I would stand and solemnly offer it to the gods before pouring it onto the forest floor. Every single course. skål!


They lost me at black bear paw. “Wild game” can be things that I may find acceptable but black bear? Never.

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They aren’t endangered. In California we have bear season, to cull the number of bears.

I never said they were endangered. But they’re also not overpopulated. And most of them are on public lands, i.e., forests. I live at Lake Tahoe and we try to protect our bears. As long as people don’t feed them, they are harmless. Here’s an article that gives the #s.


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That’s my biggest problem with it too. I’m very not into the recent trend of making pairings mandatory. (Hello Noma Mexico.) It makes these uber nice meals pointless for those who don’t drink/don’t drink much. And there’s no way in hell I can be convinced that Skenes can make a 500 dollar non-alcoholic pairing worth it.

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Yeah, my friend lives next to Yosemite. Plenty of bears wandering through his yard, etc. Bear hunting is legal, in season, but the licenses are strictly limited.


We’ve had them stroll through. A few winters ago when we had a lot of snow, our fences were buried. I looked over at the slider one evening and there sat a young bear! I hollered, jumped up and down and ran him off. Our Bear League suggests making their encounters with humans as unpleasant as possible.

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