Let's talk about Vegas Baby!

Love Vegas and going back in May.
Loved to hear your faves?


The restaurants that I tend to gravitate to again and again.

Jazz brunch at Country Club (AYCE beef tenderloin, oysters, gravlax, jumbo shrimp, asparagus, smoked salmon and AYCD cocktails)
Bardot Brasserie

Flock and Fowl

Secret pizza
Shake Shack (for concretes)
Lounge in Palazzo near Davidoff to smoke a cigar and munch on gratis mixed nuts
Bardot for fries and cocktail at the bar

Case Fuente for mojito
Herbs and Rye

Lotus of Siam
Craftsteak (Brentwood corn with herbs is amazing when in season)
Le Cirque

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Secret…LOS…Country Club and Bouchon at the bar for champs and oysters are on my regular go to but haven’t been for brunch…

Spago and Bardot for lunch looks fab.

Have you been to the Oyster Bar at the Palace Station?
It really is quite good…it’s going a little pedestrian but it’s worth it.

Where do you stay?
Love the Wynn but now stay at Trump, since they allow dogs and their Sub-Zero kitchens, high end strip, corner suites are great as a comp!

Don’t go to Oyster Bar because the owner has many restaurants here in LA. Pretty sure Ritter in Costa Mesa, The Boiler in Chino Hills, etc…are all his version of Oyster Bar.

I usually stay at Wynn purely for Tableau breakfast right down the elevator of the Tower Suites. I have stayed at Trump and it is quite nice and the no casino is a breath of fresh air (literally) from the perfumes and smoke. But I am really liking the Vdara these days because of the sneaky back entrance off Harmon to Dean Martin. And a quick walk to Aria and bam, Jean Phillippe for coffee and sugar brioche for breakfast.

Where are your fav’s meals/dishes? Last trip we had a brain fart so we ended up eating at a place (shall remain nameless) and it was a major let down again. Share your secrets. :plate_with_cutlery:

Jazz Brunch at Country Club is amazing, highly recommend this place. If you want an even more memorable experience, make reservations well in advance for a patio seat. The view of the golf course is one of the best Vegas views (you probably already knew this) Mimosas, bloody Mary’s and oysters while enjoying a wonderful view with live jazz playing is just a great atmosphere. They also made this smoked salmon on puff pastry with some sort of bernaise/hollandaise which was fabulous. Jazz brunch is pricey, but it is worth it just for the experience factor.

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Didn’t someone post something about LOS using extra MSG?

Chada Thai was very good and the menu is very similar to LOS. Not sure if they use extra MSG or not but worth a try.

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Love the back entrances of high brow places…love entering the kitchen, like at my fave in PHX, Durant’s!

I have not been to Tableau and that will be on my list for breakfast…
I can walk there from the Trump…usually, I walk thru the Fashion Mall/Nordy’s and then go to Treasure Island for some Roulette, bloodys and they have a great café for good comfort food.

I’ve been going to Country Club since Wynn has opened and I simply adore this place…it’s in the back of the resort, fantastic food, great view of the golf course with the waterfall.

Might have to give Chada Thai a try…maybe do LOS take-out with the cooler in the back of the Rover, all iced up and ready to eat when I get home.

Free shuttle at Trump goes to Caesars and I enjoy the sushi bar at Nobu…
Have not been to Jean Phillippe for breakfast…that could be another option too.

You rock A5!

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I called and they said they use it in a few of their dishes but I am very sensitive to that stuff and I’ve never had any issues and I’ve been eating there for years…
Chada Thai is on my list…
Thanks Porthos!

Mm mm… Teaser of apple pancakes. I’ll be back in March.

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Where is dat at?

Already booked for May…
I love hitting up old school Peppermill…
The coffee shop in Treasure Island is pretty decent for club sandwiches and other diner faves…always packed.
Craving me some Secret Pizza slices and a run at Galaga!

Tableau in the Wynn.

What are your plans so far? I have Raku already booked but still thinking about Sat night dinner. And my recent visit to Secret Pizza was shockingly good, I didn’t remember it being that good when I had it before. The last time I had it was when they first opened and we ordered a whole pie. This time I got slices and the reheat really did wonders to the crust. I think the slices may actually be better than ordering a whole fresh pie??

More food porn.

Fantastic herb crusted Alaskan cod from Bardot.

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Bardot is on the list!
Secret sliced pizza kicks serious ass…
Wish I was there in March to have drinks pouring on my tab…


That’s prime pool party season.

Nothing better than champers at a Lilly Pad at Encore Beach Club

New Thong :ballot_box_with_check:
Brazilian Wax :ballot_box_with_check:
Pedicure :ballot_box_with_check:
Lilly Pad Beach Party :ballot_box_with_check:


Advice: go to Julian Serrano and order the calamari a la plancha.

Slightly charred and smokey yet briny calamari is served with a rich creamy garlic sauce and sweet yet vinegary onions.

Best dish of my trip.

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Love how you roll …
That looks so frigging good.
Solid bruddha…

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So my favorite breakfast spot, Tableau in the Wynn revamped their fries. They were mighty tasty and you get a boatload of them for $10. The waiter was impressed as I went to town on them along with my meal. I suggest ordering them with their fantastic ranch dressing. They are thick cut, crispy on the outside but creamy on the inside. Bardot may have competition now.

Loved their smoked salmon benny now served on a fluffy bialy and chive hollandaise. Reservations might be a good idea now for the weekend unless you don’t mind waiting 45 minutes.

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Totally dig salmon benny’s…

Chive hollandaise sounds lovely…
My only issue with poached eggs, for me, the whites have to be done but the yolk runny…if I see the whites with that ‘snot’ look to them, I gag!

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hahaha, hilarious. Dat emoji. I honestly couldn’t see the egg because it was drowned in hollandaise. Knowing this place, they will cater to your every whim.

No snot as far as I can see but then again I scarfed it down quick style and I am generally okay with snot egg whites. :joy:

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Bardot is where this Chica is going next month…can’t wait!

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