Let's talk Barrio Logan

We went to Barrio Logan for the first time this weekend, enjoying a few beers at Border X and FANTASTIC tacos and ceviche at Salud across the street. We didn’t eat at Border X but their limited menu included house-made sausages and lengua tacos for my next visit. I passed a large carniceria that looked intriguing but didn’t have time to visit. What else is in the area worth going to for eats/drinks?


I realize it’s gentrification at its best (or is it worst?) but they make tasty food. Duck fat fries and the Cubano are hard to beat as a 1-2 combo.

I still love me my Las Quatro Milpas…
Anyone been to that Panaderia at that strip center next door on the corner?

I am a big fan of El Salvadoreno. Everything I have tried there has been wonderful. Dont miss the pupusas, the Salvadoran tamals (the ones wrapped in banana leaf), the lengua ranchera, the pastilitos, and the enchiladas ( more like tacos). I still haven’t tried the beef tripe and foot soup, but the older gentleman ravenously consuming it next to me said it is the best in san diego and will cure whatever ails you.

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wow that sounds fantastic, I will have to head there next time! Anyone been to the Butcher Block carniceria?