Lets talk Rice, Fried Rice

Love me a good fried rice dish with egg. Where’s the good stuff. For me right now…

Blue Ribbon Sushi - Oxtail fried rice
Jun-Men Ramen - Fried Rice
Hanjan - Kimchi Wagyu
Mission Chinese - Beef Jerky Fried Rice
Somtum Der - Any of them

Seafood fried rice at Black Tree

Wet kimchi fried rice at Danji

Sweet & sour chicken fried rice at Her Name is Han

Even the vegetarian one? Nothing against vegetables, but for $11, that thing needs more than just some fungus and greens.

I never tried fried rice at Somtum Der. Too bad I can’t have any now (too much salt).

I remember having excellent Yangchow Fried Rice at Cafe Hong Kong/South China Garden. But really, any full-service Chinese restaurant worth its salt should be able to do a good rendition. My birthday banquet last February was at Szechuan Gourmet 56, and their fried rice (off menu, I think, but on offer for banquets) was good.

Oh dear lord, what am I saying. My eyes are trained to filter out the vegetarian ones. No, not those. Feh!

I think Jin Ramen does a good version. And for 6 dollars it’s practically an entire meal!