This isn’t really “Cookware” but it is close. My incredible niece gave me this for Christmas, https://www.lettucegrow.com/. I have harvested some great greens, herbs and vegetables from it. Exotic plants are sometimes available: thinking @Emglow101 and @catholiver might be interested as they don’t have access to the farmers’ markets in LA with the wonderful spread of Asian greens we have available here. They have a $50 off for both new customers and referrals. If anyone is interested let me know and I will venmo you the $50 back. I don’t need the money and I think this is a great thing.

That is broccoli raab, cauliflower, broccoli. blue kale, arugula, dill, dappled butter lettuce, bunching onions, butter lettuce and several other veggies. Granted it looks like a “Star Wars” robot but I am very happy with it.


That looks great!!! Just as an aside, we have an amazing Asian (and everything else) market in Seattle, where we recently moved.


Sorry you had to leave Tahoe, but glad you are happy in Seattle!

We actually sold the Tahoe place almost four years ago and moved into Reno. The snow just got too much for us. We’re in our 70s! Then we sold the Reno house last year and came to Seattle. Our daughter went to undergrad school and is now in her mid40s so we’ve been coming up a long time. GREAT food. Had a 2-1/2# Dungeness crab for dinner last night!