LGB at Lunchtime

I’ll be @ LGB during lunchtime (and not wanting to leave the secured area) with a couple of hours to kill. Per the LGB site, these are the concourse options.

4th Street Vine Wine & Beer Bar
Taco Beach Cantina
McKenna’s Burger Bar
George’s Greek Cafe
Polly’s Coffee & Sweet Jill’s Bakery

Any decent eats or definitely avoids in the list?

Where is it?

I had no idea either, but its the Long Beach airport designation.

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I’ve only ever frequented the bar at the airport. I have been to George’s outside of the airport and those experiences have been good. I do like their hummus and chicken skewers.

i automatically amended a “T” to the designation myself and looked out of curiosity.

We ended up getting lunch at George’s and bringing the food to the wine bar. The gyro (sandwiches) were passable, the fries were very good (just cooked), quite filling, and if you can get a lunch at an airport that doesn’t give cramps for $10 or so, quite acceptable. The wine bar selection was ok, too, and had nice patio seating.

There’s a sit down place across the courtyard (connected to the other pier of gates) that looked like regular restaurant dining. We didn’t even notice it until we already had our food, sitting at the wine bar patio.