Lilia praise again

After a period of absence I returned and had dishes that are new at least to me. If possible the food is even better. The website does not list the dishes so my descriptions might be a bit off from the menu vocabulary.

Grilled Radicchio (?) with walnuts - simple bright with vinegar. Great start

Head on Shrimp with cracked coriander - only perfectly fresh shrimp cooked for the exactly right amount of time could be this sublime. HIgh wire no net success.

A pasta with chestnuts and caramelized onion - Could have eaten a mountain of this dish. Cream base a foundation for the sweetness of the chestnut and onion. A masterful sensual dish.

Swordfish with Peppers - The complexity of this dish is rarely seen (my me) outside of thai cooking. Do not miss it.

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Going in early March for my birthday! It will be my first time. Any thing that I absolutely need to order or does the menu change so often that I should just get whatever looks best?

The menu changes slowly. I could easily recommend the meal I had, adding the Cacio e peppe. Any of the antipasti accept the gem salad and the artichoke have been just fine with me.In the small fish section the cured sardines are always a standout. The swordfish is my preference in the large fish (not so large really) section. The only meat I have had that is as great as the rest of the food for me is the chicken.

Will I be making a mistake if I skip some mains and double up on pasta?