Lincoln, Pasadena - breakfast salad

I can live with salad for breakfast if it all looks as pretty and tasty as the one from Lincoln…

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I thought you’d sworn off that place!

i like lincoln but i can see why others don’t, for some reason a lot of old-school hounds never seem to gravitate towards the joint.

and that ain’t no fucking joke.

great shrimp with harissa sauce salad, good olive oil cake with flowers on top (I’m not sure if you’re supposed to consume said flowers), and a pretty mean parmesan-tomato crisp for lack of a better term.

and they make a nice, strong cappachino to munch on while your food is prepared.

Must have me mistaken with someone else, it was my first time there last week.

Have not tried the pastries or lunch sandwiches yet. The salad at least was pretty darn good.

(First post over here!) Little Flower has been my local go-to for years, and I know the pastry chef is at Lincoln, too - the pastries are fantastic. Cakes are super moist, anything with pate brisee is fantastic, and the scones are the stuff of dreams. (I am not a fan of the whole wheat oat cake things that seem to be popular, but I also do not know why anyone would buy a whole wheat oat cake when faced with a pastry case stuffed with the likes of nutella croissants, morning buns, blackberry and orange flower scones, and almond raspberry jam bars (Foley bars. They’re great). I’ve only been to Lincoln once (I still like the feeling of Little Flower better, though those breakfast salads are pretty amazing) but the cinnamon roll we had was pretty darn good.

I am mistaking you for someone else. And I’d figure out who that is, but I can’t search CH!!!

I apologize for the mistaken identity.