Linguine alle vongole - Westside?

An Instagrammer I follow (the former late night talk show host Craig Kilborn) posted a picture of a delicious looking plate of linguine all vongole. He was at Mimmo’s in Palm Desert (and also posted a really nice photo of their sand dabs).

Ever since I saw the picture, I’ve been craving some linguine all vongole, with those juicy, fresh clams. I live in the Del Rey/Mar Vista area, so the Westside would be preferable, but any recs would be appreciated.



Maybe try josiah citrin’s new place dear Jane’s in the marina


You could make it yourself. It’s a super easy dish to prepare. When you crave it and don’t want to go out.


I don’t have Westside suggestions.

In DTLA I recommend Drago Centro (white version) and Maccheroni Republic (has a red version on their main menu and recently has had a white version on their specials menu).

I think this rotates on Osteria Mozza’s menu.

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That is what I do. Just go to 99 ranch and get live clams.


@Emglow101 @Dommy

I make it, too, but never with live clams.

In this case – I just wanted someone else to make if for me. :wink:


Thanks, good idea.


Try the live clams . Run them under water to clean . Put in the pan . When they open in minutes. They are done


Several good choices in the area:

Carasau - Culver City
Heroic Italian - S.M.
La Vecchia Cucina - S.M.
Locanda Positano - MDR
Orto - S.M.
Scopa - MDR
Uovo - MDR
Via Veneto - S.M.

On occasion, it also appears on the menu at Felix, but not regularly.


cool thanks

Someone asked something similar on Reddit LA the other day. Here’s a couple of their ideas:

Check out Son of a Gun and Sunday Gravy!

(Jon and Vinny’s has one as well, but I would try those other two first).

Also try it at a little place called Isabella’s in Burbank, or at my fave-rave Pomodoro just south of Wilshire near UCLA.

Maybe not “The Best” but if you live in the Los Feliz area, Trattoria Farfalla’s TAGLIOLINI COZZE E VONGOLE

Mmmm…Palermo’s is really good

Little Toni’s in NoHo absolutely does not skimp on the clams and garlic.

Louise’s Trattoria in Larchmont has an excellent white wine clam pasta that I personally love


Pasta Sisters.

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Thanks much

We are trying Carasau tonight.

Pomodoro sounds good, I work in Westwood.

Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

I wanted to try Dear Jane’s but it’s harder to get a short notice reservation.

I like Sunday Gravy for other dishes, but the last two times I went they were closed so I stopped going there.

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Let us know how it is!

Dear Jane’s does have first-come, first-served seating in the bar area and serves the full menu there.


And, add some bottarga, too. So yummy!

I feel a little obligated to comment on Carasau since I asked for recommendations.

It’s not my habit to write about places I don’t love, which explains the delay. But it’s only fair, since I asked for the recs.

The linguine alla vongole was fine. If I returned to Carasau I might get it again, I might get something else. But I’m hoping to try some of the others and if I do I’ll comment again.

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Sunday Gravy > Carasau

This was a very rich version. It comes without the shells and had a very nice ratio of protein to pasta. Toasted breadcrumbs on top. Linguine had a really good consistency. I also liked the portion size, Sunday Gravy doesn’t just pile the plate high - it’s just right.

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I’ve never had this dish but it was on my IG feed and looks good.