Links in new tab/window?

Over at HO, someone noted that clicking on links in the site opened them in the same window, and it would be better if they would open in a new tab or window. The op over there was able to flip a Discourse setting to allow this. Can we do it here as well?

Go to your profile, click Preferences, check Open all external links in a new tab, and save.

Posters have poked fun at the “similar posts” notifications we sometimes get when posting or replying, but it worked in this case. Glad to find this had been addressed already.

I think there is a way for the Site Admin to make this the default setting for all users on the site.

If you can tell me where that setting is I’m glad to change it. Seems like the right default to me.

I don’t have access to the Admin UI so I don’t know where it is. But there are a couple threads that talk about the feature being added last year. There is a site setting called “default_external_links_in_new_tab” which drives this.

Done, thanks for finding the setting.