Little La Lune [Review]

Finally made it to this cute little Cambodian place in Long Beach! As some of you may remember, I fell in love with Khmer cuisine at the former Siem Reap in Long Beach, only to have my waitress tell me that they were closing in 2 weeks! That place had a very extensive menu, and I really enjoyed exploring the Khmer specialties over 3-4 visits during those last 2 weeks of business. Since, I’ve wanted to find a replacement for some of the flavors and dishes I loved most. Today, my search led me to Little La Lune.


I tried 3 things: the Fried Wonton (#20) appetizer, the Pork Chitterlings entree (#28) and the Nhom Sdao salad (#24). I also had a fresh young coconut as a beverage/dessert.

Service was leisurely, but polite and friendly. The chitterlings came out first, and WOW I think these are my favorite chitterlings to-date, even better than the ones at Siem Reap! There’s a nice heat to these, and the sauce they serve with it pairs perfectly! There was also a large mound of pickled veggies on the plate, and I really enjoyed noshing on these.

Pork Chitterlings

Next came the fried wontons. These are triangular and pork-filled, and quite good. I would have preferred a different sauce, though; the sauce served is a golden, gloopy, super-sweet “duck sauce” type of pairing, and I wished I had more of the chitterlings’ dipping sauce. Next time I’ll make a note to ask if this would be possible.

Fried Wontons

Fried Wontons

Finally, the sdao salad. Now, sdao is a very bitter herb for those who are unfamiliar, and my waitress showed she cares about her customers’ enjoyment of their meals when she asked to make sure I knew what I was ordering. Once I indicated I was familiar with sdao, she nodded approvingly; that was a nice touch. The salad was delicious! The best way I can describe a sdao salad is that it’s filled with salted/pickled/shredded veggies like cucumber, scallion, bean sprouts, etc. and tossed with pieces of fried fish, sdao flowers and a dressing. This iteration included some pork, too, and had a particularly tasty dressing, with notes of fish sauce, vinegar and a little bit of sweetness.

Nhom Sdao Salad

A word about pricing and portion size: At first glance, it seems like pricing is pretty average, maybe a little high for Thai/Cambodian food, but the portions are actually quite large–this place is a good value, but I would definitely want to bring a dining companion or two to sample and explore multiple items on the menu.

Next time, I’ll have to try the Beef Anchovies salad…



We love Little La Lune as well.

And we’d get there a whole lot more if they didn’t close at 5:00pm!

Wish they were opened for dinner, but they say it’s a quality of life decision.

I noticed that! But they’re an offshoot of La Lune Thmey on Atlantic, right? Isn’t that place open for dinner (and with a much more extensive menu, too)?

How do the two compare? Haven’t made it to the “big” La Lune yet…

Little was a spinoff of La Lune when a fire consumed it in 2011.

I’m not sure of the affiliation today to La Lune Imperial (closed) and La Lune Thmey (closes at 6pm).

My memory serves that the quality of ingredients was/is better than the either two at Little La Lune.

Thanks for the info!

I checked out the menu before I read your review and that particular salad was the one item that really piqued my interest! I am glad you liked it. Unfortunately, I live in Van Nuys and take the bus; that would be quite a trek.

Thanks for the review! I am just now exploring Cambodia Town LBC.