Little Saigon Lobster Hack

Yeah yeah you usually go to Newport right?

Well follow me and I’ll show you how to get a lobster for cheaper price:

Step 1:
Go to ABC Supermarket at Bolsa x Magnolia in the heart of Little Saigon.

Step 2:
Head to the seafood section and grab a lobster. Warning: minimum of 4 pounds to cook it on sight.

Step 3:
Head a little to the left, so you can grab a ticket.

Step 4:
Head to the To-Go section and pay. It is $2 for every pound of lobster to cook (cooking fee). Cash only!!! $50 and some change for a 4 pounder at 8.99/pound. Even cheaper when they are trying to get rid of them. Also do crab and fried fish as well.
Wait time is about 25-30 minutes.

Step 5 is to eat of course. Pics to follow!


It’s here!!! That was quick, 10 minute wait!!


Newport used to do this at their store on Ward/Bolsa.

My Mom does that on days where she wants to have lobster at home. She asks for a female, too, if they have them. She even makes the lobster noodles at home with the sauce at the bottom on the tray. However, I forget which supermarket she gets hers from…a lot of the supermarkets do that in Little Saigon now.

It was wonderful!

That sauce/cooking juices is strangely good, even though it is oily, it was also savory with yummy pieces of green onion/ginger/pepper.

Bring some hand sanitizer or wet naps for afterwards.

Don’t forget to get some sugarcane juice or jackfruit at the few fruit stands.

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So proud of my wifey! Not my wife but you know.

Crushed some fresh jackfruit. I can’t believe there are people who have never had it. Just about every Little Saigon fruit shop has them, watch out for the big slippery pits. Most places sell them for about $5-6.

Fuck YES!!!