Little Saigon on a Monday Morning -- pho and banh mi?

I’ll be in the general Little Saigon area on Monday morning, around 9am. Considering what’s open then, is Thanh My the best option for Vietnamese? (I probably won’t actually get pho. It’s my least favorite dish in my favorite cuisine.)

I was thinking of also getting banh mi to go, as long as I’m down there. Brad Johnson said Lynda was his favorite. What are the other contenders?


This Bahn Mi Che Cali is 24 hours.

It’s the busiest and the bread freshest.

I recommend the ground beef. Add egg since its breakfast and if you’re a glutton.

The meat pastries are also very good.ánh-mì-chè-cali-westminster-3

Generally all the bánh mi spots open really early like 6am. Our favorites

Saigon bakery
Tan Hoang huong
Top baguette

Would avoid lees and bánh mi Che Cali. Lynda is ok as well.

Thanh my is more of a general restaurant. Try bánh cuon tay ho, a really popular breakfast item or brodards speciallizing in central cuisine

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Tan Hoang Huong is good for traditional banh mi. Open at 5 a.m. ish.

For a walk on the wild side, try Tasty Sandwiches. Open at 9 a.m.

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For non tradition Thanh Tam Bakery for spam, bbq pork and egg banh mi. Really good bread.

So many options! I should have been more clear – I’m going to eat there AND get banh mi to go.


Went to Thanh My this morning. What a place! What a menu! (Like the phone book.) We got the roll sampler platter (pictured below), bun with shrimp and pork, and the deep fried tofu-wrapped shrimp paste & Chinese sausage broken rice (com tam lap xuong tau hu ky, I think). All really great.

We picked up some stuff from Tan Hoang Huong – the sesame balls are tasty. The taro with boba is of the milkshake variety. Have yet to see how the pate chaud and banh mi hold up…

From my Instagram.


@KatherineSpiers awesome pic! The rolls look delicious! :smile:

I must try this the next time I’m in Little Saigon.