Little Saigon takeout

What can i order to-go that travels and reheats well?

Cơm tấm

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Anywhere in particular?

Com tam Trung qui cap. Edinger and harbor or thereabouts.

Banh cuon from pho tau bay on first near fairview. Don’t get the pho, get the banh cuon.

Desserts from thach Che hien khanh (various locations)


When I am just driving through, I tend to do New Duong Son BBQ and a pack of Bahn Hoi. No need to reheat. All good room temp if eaten the same evening.


A few delectables from Cha Oc Gia Huy (they specialize in sea snail/whelk sausages). The version with grape leaf (Oc Nuong La Lot) is damn good. Check yelp pictures also in case you see something you like

You can even bring back ones from the freezer, but they may have ones that have no hit deep freeze for the best experience… You could boil, but steamed is probably preferred.

In memory, the coffee and pandan waffles are good too.


Rolls from Broadard hold up well if eaten the same day…the sauce reheats well.
I like the banh beo at Teo Sandwiches, too. You can warm it up or eat at room temperature…I eat it at room temp because I’m lazy.


In general, I would get a rice dish with something that has been grilled. Avoid rice noodles and rice wrappers–they don’t taste so good when reheated. Avoid anything deep fried.

If you get banh mi, ask them to pack the vegetables separately so the bread doesn’t get soggy. You might want to skip the butter, too.

this is just wrong.

Just remembered.

While you are in the area, consider also dropping by Au Coeur de Paris (one on Edinger in Westminster, the other on Euclid on Garden Grove) and pick up some pate chaud. Kind of like a squarish Scottish meat pie with a puff pastry exterior, with some internal flavoring/textures resembling pork siu mai in Worcester sauce with a hint of Maggi.

We don’t have anything as good as this in NorCal, and even so probably doesn’t taste anywhere close.


interesting spot. is this place VN owned or actually french owned? It would be crazy awesome if the latter, but I’m expecting the former…

Went to the one on Euclid once, VN. They sell a few other things there, though sticking with Pate Chaud is the safest course…

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It depends on how long the person wants to wait until eating the bread. I usually leave the butter in but have the veggies separate.

The various chauds are very good, as are their croissant sandwiches. The croissants have a different texture. The exterior is very flakey but the interior didn’t seem buttery at all. But this seems to work well with their sandwich fillings.

Wasn’t crazy about their other offerings (e.g., jesuit) but they’re serviceable.

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We really like their roast pork and Peking duck. Parking is horrible around this area - pretty much at the epicenter of Little Saigon. NDS BBQ does have a designated parking spot right in front for customers - we’ve been lucky grabbing this spot. Are drivers actually honoring the sign or have we just been lucky?

As many BBQ places that are around Little Saigon, they tend to run out of stuff fast - go early.

Yeah, I usually have to park in the far corner of the parking lot because of the maddness. But I’ve never really tried any of the other BBQ spots because I’ve always been happy with their roast pork and duck. Any other place you might recommend?


I think you picked a winner. We’ve tried Lien Hoa and a couple others. They’re all fine but we think NDS is the best, particularly the Peking duck.

Okay! That is what my friend recommended (Since I love Bahn Hoi)! Glad to hear it!


how early are we talking about here?

I’ve been to Lien Hoa at noon on a Saturday and they were already out of the higher demand parts of the pig like the belly. But I’ve had better luck at New Duong Sin on Bolsa the past couple times. And we prefer their product as well.

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