Live Scottish Langoustine - Eataly Flatiron

At the fish counter today

Crazy good

Hmmm never seen skate cheeks…


Those critters look fantastic.

They were delish- these Scottish variety are da bomb.
@J_L do they carry them in Eataly LA?

Langos 2 ways for dinner. Yin-yang bento and whole poached (not picture)

Gotta buy them live though. Frozen tends to be a bit mushy texturally - had these frozen from NZ during CNY, quality was hit or miss.

It’s not a different variety, just a superior supply chain. Skenes used to get live scampi from Scotland at Saison before he went locavorist.

It is, note the pincers

They look like what I’ve had in Italy to me:

These have been at Essex Pearl for a few weeks. (Not my video - copied from their Instagram.)

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