Lobster Recommendations?

Lobster rolls, shacks, etc. recommendations? Headed there on a brief road trip end of July.

Which cities will you visit ?

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Alive n kicking lobsters in Cambridge MA south of central square before you head up the coast… Sandwiches and not in lobster roll but unbelievably delicious.

Sorry! I thought I posted. Will be driving up from Vermont to Acadia, so probably passing through Portland and Bar Harbor. Anything reasonably along the way in Maine would be great!

(pie, ice cream as well)

Its been ages but Clam Shack in Kennebunkport is a well known spot for Lobster rolls.

Browne Trading has a retail market in Portland- might be able to source one.

Also if you need booze https://www.mainebeercompany.com/ in Freeport, north of Portland.

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paging @TheCookie

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I know! Saw this but I is a California girl now and am so not a NE eating expert anymore. :cry: I know a few places in MA, not CT/VT. But I’ve read about Clam Shack too @Sgee. Seems like the place. Please pretty please report on your trip @pocoloco. Miss it!

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If you are near Burlington stop by Foam Brewery. I’ve never actually been but had a bunch of cans via trades and pours at festivals. One of my favorite hazy IPA ever.

In Portland, is Eventide still good? Been ages. Bissell Brothers is another great brewery although most people will probably go to Allagash.

Eventide is still good. Duckfat is another good, more casual, place. Fore Street (most/many things are wood-grilled), Hugo (more upscale), Central Provisions (creative, New American tapas), Honey Paw (creative pan-Asian dishes (no, not your typical Asian fusion place) are some other good options (no idea how Covid has effected opening times etc.
In addition different styles of breweries all over NE, just look at some of the lists and pick some for a visit/drink