Local cornmeal

does anyone know of “locally” produced cornmeal? I would prefer Sonoma County, but willing to travel anywhere in the bay area. Isn’t Brentwood associated with locally produced corn? Thanks in advance.

Tierra sells a fantastic whole cornmeal made from Floriana. Sold at Ferry Plaza and I would imagine from their Farm stand.

thank you Wally…I just called their place in Santa Rosa and it sounds like they have the Floriana and other types as well. Certainly appreciate your help.

Community Grains (communitygrains.com) offers a local corn meal, though i don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for. I have eaten polenta made with it, and it was delicious.

They also sell Floriana. I used them before I found Tierra was growing the same corn. I am not sure where the farm or farms that are growing for Community Grains produce.

Ask Bob Klein (of Oliveto).

Mohr-Fry Ranches and Ian Johnston in Woodland, CA. I was just lazy. It is on the website.