Locol is shutting down

After so much talk about being a community savior

I wonder if they sold kogi tacos would they would be closing down? I mean, his trucks aren’t selling bean burgers to Westsiders, so what makes Choi and Patterson assume poor people in Watts or Oakland want to eat them?

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I guess this explains his IG posts as of late.

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Don’t open that pizzeria, my friend. Don’t do it.


And there wasn’t a wet eye in the house.

Roy Choi, IMHO, has always been more of a brilliant publicity hound than chef.

He’s had his moments as a chef (loved the original Kogi) but his attention to serving great food never lasts very long. And of course, the modern truck thing he launched has begat a generation of multi-state (and multi-national) followers/copycats. Most are not very good but they do serve their customers.

lol. my 8:30 to 5 and next 4 days off agrees with you right now. but i really want to :frowning:

Found the picture from those days. All those guys were on our block every day. Kogi started it of course and they were down the street by the then Variety building.

This is about a year or 2 after kogi started

Absolutely. He’s been laughably overrated for years.

Even the original Kogi, to me, was “meh”. But then again, aside from loncheros, the food truck hype has always escaped me.


I got to try Kogi before any hype at all, when it was really quite delicious.

This post reminds me of my Trucks That Suck chowhound post - a high water mark as far as replies to any post I ever had.

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oh boy . message board dweebage going on :slight_smile: i wonder if i could even find myself on that site… no clue what my name was but i joined a very long time ago. excited to read this haha

Agree on Nom Nom. that was the dope and original Banh Mi truck… had the cuties working there too

Kogi post-hype is awesome for what it is - a quick, above average quality $12 meal. I can get to the truck, eat, and leave in < 45 mins.

That’s it.

Kogi was always good. It’s hard to ruin something so simple once it’s working

While I am not surprised, the burger I had there was one of the most inedible pieces of food I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing in my life, it is still kinda sad based on what those guys were genuinely trying to do(I believe). Sorry for the run-on


LAIST: “Why Locol Failed in Watts, According to Watts Locals”

What happens when well-meaning outsiders with big ambitions collide with the harsh reality of neighborhood tastes and economic pressure? Consider LocoL a case study. After two-and-a-half years, the South L.A. restaurant has closed its doors to customers and will survive only as a catering business.

So…it’s temporarily shutting down? To come back in a few months as a completely different concept? Um, okay.

Oh he mad now.

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This brings up bad memories of people asking me to read their “poems” and “songs”. Stick to your day job, bro.


Hey, so this looks like Exhibit A for why this place has failed: we have an ego-driven maniac who gave a DISADVANTAGED community what HE THOUGHT THEY SHOULD WANT instead of what they actually wanted and could afford.

It’s the equivalent of a food bank handing out grocery bags filled with kale chips, sprouted bread, and little tubs of crème fraîche and then getting butt-hurt at those ungrateful poor people who are like WTF is this shit?!

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These days you’re a captive audience for your lyft driver’s musical dreams he made in his shared studio apt with garage band or fruity loops.