Lodge Bread - Heads Up!

Went there today at noon. They were sold out of every loaf by 11:00. Just an FYI to plan ahead.

Good Lord, I still have yet to hit up the place. Good to know I gotta hit it early… ::sigh::


They open at 7. That’s when I usually hit it. But I’m close.

I like the place… but I wish they would get better supply chain management going. I’ve driven an hour to pizza night twice now and had to leave empty-handed. Seems the same applies to their regular service.

I hope they catch on to their level of success sooner rather than later before they end up losing a huge amount of customers who are constantly frustrated by going and not being able to get anything.

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I think they were at the BH Farmer’s market last Sunday.

They were not. I showed up at their location at 7:30, they were all there, but they pizza was sold out.

They have a stand there and routinely sell out early there as well. Right now it’s the only Farmer’s market they do. We have had great success in getting their bread from the shop early, usually on Sundays as well. This Thanksgiving, they even opened up on the day to make bread for those who sent them an e-mail. No fancy reservation or deposit. I just sent them an e-mail with my name. They sent an e-mail back as an acknowledgement. I picked up my bread no problem.

Compared to some other places, hey still have a very small operation. Plus there are some restaurants and chefs wanting to get a hand of their goods as well. So it’s probably going to a little while longer until the polish comes off a bit.



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i must have terrific luck.

i’ve gotten every single loaf of bread that i’ve wanted (still have one left in the freezer).
my neighbors, at this point, know when they see me pulling in the driveway with those white paper bags stacked in the passenger seat of my car, that i’m bringing home THE BREAD for all of us.

re: the farmer’s market
my guess is that they don’t want to spend the whole morning there.
these guys put it a ton of hours.

dommy: they are already supplying restaurants including the dudley market.
look at the dudley menu–the morning menu has about 4 items based on lodge bread.


How do I become your neighbor???


go to REDFIN
and type 90293 in the search function.

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They posted on FB that they are changing their hours to 8:00am to 4:00pm

“our little tiny baby is turning three months old folks. our heads are bowed and our tears of joy are totally not fake. we are humbled and to the moon about being a part of this community we have all created. thank you! in celebration we are changing our operating hours to 8AM - 4PM. it’s allowing us some more time to bake in the am and will push us to try to knock your socks off a bit more. stay tuned y’all.”


Do you deliver westside to San Diego?

I’d be a courier for Lodge Bread to SD lol Send me a private message if you’re serious.

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I haven’t tried Lodge Bread but for excellent bread in you should try Prager Brothers in Carlsbad. I would argue that Germany is the country with the largest variety and quality of bread in the world and Prager Brothers would be in the top 5% bakeries in Germany. I have yet to find better bread in California



Thanks Herr Crank!

I’ve gotta check it out since you’re batting percentage is about 3 out of 100 on likeability chart, so, when you say you like something, it’s like hitting it out of the park goodness to the Motherland of Schnitzel, Porsche’s and Sprockets. . .now, let’s dance!

I went today for the first time. Mind=blown. This place is a gem. The smoked salmon on toasted seeded rye is one of the greatest breakfasts I’ve had in a long while. I’ll take it over the Gjusta smoked fish plate due almost solely to that ridiculously good bread. Took home an incredible loaf of seeded wheat and some pastries. It was crowded when I was there at 9AM’ish, but not bad. Frankly, I’m surprised this place doesn’t have a line down the block eveey moment it’s open.

Thank you FTC.

WOW - they are now offering meat. Poster Jase mentioned turkey melt last weekend, and now you and paranoidgarliclover report even more protein. Great to hear. Been too darned busy lately, but will have to make time now.

Had the same seeded loaf for dinner tonight. Really good stuff.

Yah like @bulavinaka, I’m surprised, but it’s cool Lodge is offering some meat based dishes. The Salmon / Bread looks awesome and the turkey melt as well. :slightly_smiling:

Dang, Sat morning must have been an accidental mini FTC meet up at Lodge Bread. I was there too and sounds like so was Paranoid Garlic Lover.

I was going to post about the Ham special for @bulavinaka but PGL beat m to it in the Weekend thread.

Happy for them they were going full of customers and having a blast Sat morning. We sat at the counter and the crew was rolling, pumping out the food while a couple of them were singing out loud with the music. Just a fun energetic vibe on a Saturday morning.